Change is hard

I’ve been in Birmingham for almost 2 months, and single for a month. When I arrived I had grand plans of finding running groups and joining a yoga studio as a way to make friends and stay active. Between feeling sorry for myself (the breakup) and not having control of my life due to my temporary work relocation, I’ve let all of my plans slide. Outside of the fact that I’ll only be here for another few months, these are not good reasons. But there are two bad reasons: I’ve always been a workout loner, and change is hard.


I laid out my workout schedule for the week, and didn’t keep it. It’s that simple. But instead of getting angry at myself and giving up completely, I decided to find ways to keep going. Today I pushed off running until I almost let myself get out of it, but instead went down to the gym, hopped on the treadmill and got in my 4 miles. It felt better than I expected given how little I did this week, which reminded me that even if I I’m not perfect with my workouts, it doesn’t go away immediately. That being said, I have to work harder and be better at both my workouts and getting out and meeting people.

For the month of March, I’m giving myself a little challenge: do yoga every day. That doesn’t mean I need to go to a class, or practice for an hour. It means just that: do it. After only 2 days my body is sore in a good way, and doing it first thing in the morning makes me feel like I can handle anything life throws at me. It is keeping me focused with something that gives me immediate results, which should provide even greater results.


How do you deal with change? Is it as simple as making a decision or do you lay out plans for changing every day/week/month?

Share your thoughts!

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