If pain is weakness leaving the body, why can’t it leave faster?

Even though I haven’t been great about getting my weekday runs in, I know I need to keep up with my long runs on weekends if I’m going to be ready for the the St. Jude Country Music Half at the end of next month. I consistently have IT band issues, which makes my weekday runs important, but this post isn’t about my inability to follow directions.

So after doing the Om Alone series from Women’s Health to get my morning started with focus, I began prepping for my 7 miles. Healthy breakfast of Fage, berries & oats, lots of water, and some coffee. Then, I got lazy. I watched the news, fell asleep on the couch, and finally got myself motivated to get out the door.


My only issue is that I needed water. I am good with up to an hour without needing water on a run, and all of my water belts are packed in storage in CT. So I went to Fleet Feet. Closed. Really, isn’t Sunday the perfect day for a running store to be open? The one in West Hartford was open on Sundays! So, Lululemon was right up the street, and I tried there. Nope, not considered running season yet. Carrying a bottle of water while running is not one of favorites, but I couldn’t waste any more time. I ended up finding a bench a few miles in where I could pick it up right about when I’d want it, anyway. Problem solved!

Got myself psyched up, and took off. The Shades Creek Greenway is a very nice run, although I could use it to be another couple of miles longer. By about mile 3, the knee pain began. I few minutes into the pain I thought about stopping, and then I said absolutely not. I shortened my stride, paid attention to my foot placement, and kept my core engaged. The pain continued on and off for the remaining 4 miles, but I did it. I stretched it out a little, then came home and did a nice runners yoga series. Tonight I will end my day with the hell that is the foam roller.

So I ask again, if pain is weakness leaving the body, why can’t it leave any faster? And what do you do to keep moving through the pain?

from indulgy.com

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