My favorite workout gadget: Apple TV

When I was temporarily relocated 2 months ago, I decided I was not going to join a gym. Instead I decided to focus on running, primarily outside, because I am training for my 5th half-marathon next month. I also wanted to be able to try different things around town: yoga at Lululemon on Sunday evenings, a spin class here or there, Barre classes, and anything else that sounded interesting. I also have a small gym at the apartment complex my company has rented for me while I’m here.

After a week or so of being here, it dawned on me: in addition to all of the things I mentioned above, I have a half dozen fitness apps, and an Apple TV to which I can mirror my iPad. So I began doing Nike Training Club workouts mirrored on my TV, loving having my music surrounding me as I worked out in the comfort of my living room.

Fast forward a few more weeks and I realize Hulu+ has hundreds of workouts, from yoga and pilates to strength training and Zumba. More opportunity to try new things (new instructors or routines in addition to new types of exercise)!

And this morning my love for Apple TV grew immensely. Using YouTube to find new workouts and playing them through the TV with my own playlists to support it.

While I love the variety it affords me with my workouts, I love that nearly everything I could want from a workout is available whenever I want it. Workout on Demand: what more can a busy woman in a new place ask for?


I still need to get out to explore classes and running groups, but this keeps me motivated, active, and comfortable in my own skin. Apple TV, it’s not just for movie marathons anymore!

What’s your favorite unconventional workout? And is there a workout you’ve done I should find on Hulu or YouTube?

One thought on “My favorite workout gadget: Apple TV

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