What’s your weakness?

Experts say you shouldn’t skip meals because you are more likely to go overboard the next time you eat, overcompensating.

I went directly from work to a charity event tonight, and didn’t eat any of the passed apps, instead had 2 glasses of champagne. Not a huge deal, I hadn’t eaten all my calories for the day, but when I got home I was hungry. I didn’t want a full meal so I grabbed a Clif ZBar in a new flavor for me: Iced Oatmeal Cookie. It was amazing. In all honesty, they are better than most cookies. So good, I ate 3. Not in the calorie plan for the day.


I have a major weakness for sweets at night. For the most part I don’t even keep them in the house, but ZBars are such a handy snack if I’m out running around or at a long work meeting. I’m not going to get mad at myself for this, it just means I need to work just a little harder in my workouts tomorrow and over the weekend.

What is your weakness? And what do you do about them?


2 thoughts on “What’s your weakness?

  1. 8020sund

    I wish I only had one weakness…. I almost never skip meals, but lately I have had cravings for cake, sweets, chocolate etc. I am thinking I will just have to go cold turkey…

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