Is that pixie dust?

It’s been 10 years since I lived in the South before I arrived in Birmingham 2 months ago. Technically I spent 4 years in northern Virginia after that, but nothing on a DC metro line counts as the South. Over the last 4 days I was reminded that although having Spring come so early is wonderful, I am horrifically allergic to tree pollen, and have asthma that is completely set off by allergens. Pollen is everywhere, and its making me miserable.

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I have to admit, I’ve done pretty well keeping up with my workouts despite not feeling well – got in 6.25 miles on Sunday, yoga yesterday morning, and a 30 minute Nike Training Club toning circuit this morning – but by mid-day today, I could barely breathe. I’m anxious about how I felt because I’m 6 weeks from my half-marathon and can’t afford to lose any training time, I’ve been fairly good about eating healthy, and most of all, I’m all alone in a new city.

Hopefully I’ll start feeling better, because I need to get in 4 miles and yoga tomorrow, but my motivation is lacking. The thought of sucking air for 4 miles is certainly not my idea of fun, but if I give myself too much leeway with time to feel better, I’ll fall off the training wagon. I’ll get used to lying in the couch, watching movies, and eating a carb based diet. My willpower when sick is nearly zero, so I have to keep trying.

When do you decide to take an unexpected training break? And when do you take your chances?


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