Weekend Goals: Running, yoga, and enjoying the sun

After 3 days of barely being able to breathe without hacking up a lung, I’m feeling good. Still a little stuffy, but definitely under control. And it’s just in time for a perfect weather weekend! It’s supposed to be 75 and sunny all weekend, which means its exactly what I need to make some good training progress.

Must-Do Goals for the weekend:
– run 4 miles after work today
– post-run yoga
– Saturday morning yoga
– cardio & strength training
– 8 mile long run Sunday
– either post-run yoga or Magic City Asana with Lululemon

I also plan to pick up some KT Tape to try out for my long run this weekend. My IT Band has been troubling me on every long run, and stretching & strengthening aren’t working fast enough. Hoping the tape will help keep me going pain-free for longer.

Finally, I’ve been in Birmingham for 2 months, and haven’t really explored the different boutique shopping areas. It’s a great way for me to explore & enjoy the weather. And swiping my card counts as an arm workout, right?

What’s on your weekend fit to-do list?


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