Weekend recap: Goals accomplished

One could not have asked for a more perfect weekend of weather than this past weekend. It was perfect for accomplishing what I set out to do:

Friday: 4 mile run & runners yoga
My run felt amazing. I hadn’t run in 5 days due to a horrible chest cold, so my legs were fresh and ready to go. If I could do it over again, I would have tried for my long run that night.

Saturday: yoga and cardio/strength
I didn’t do morning yoga, but got out to enjoy the sun, shop, and explore Birmingham a little. I found a great little cafe with the best Nicoise Salad. I did yoga, and weight circuits when I got home, before making dinner. I could have done more cardio, but am happy I explored, my soul needed the sunlight.

Sunday: 8 mile run & yoga
I’ve gotten into the bad habit of waiting to do my long runs in the middle of the afternoon. This is bad because no race starts at 2 pm, and because it throws off my eating schedule, and ruins me for Monday morning runs. I also tested KT Tape for the first time to mitigate my IT Band issues in the knee and hip. My run was slower than ideal pace, I attribute it to a heavy pre-run fuel (next time 1 piece of almond butter & banana toast not 2) and waiting too long in the day. The KT Tape, however, was a winner! I had one twinge and I know it was a few weird foot placements, but that was it. And even today, nothing like the normal knee pain I have after long runs, in reality there’s no pain at all!


I was also testing out new race outfits. I picked up a Pace Setter skirt from Lululemon and also have a Pace Skirt to try out next weekend. I loved the Pace Setter, but got the Pace Skirt in a different color, so if I love both, the decision will lie in color choice for the Country Music Marathon.

Finally, I came home and knocked out 45 minutes of runners yoga to stretch my hips and legs, and continue to build core strength.

All in all, it was a great weekend. I ate healthy, although several nights ate too late so I need to be more stringent on that piece this week.

Now I’m hoping to keep myself on track as I head out for 3 days of work travel. I’ve packed to get runs in on 2 mornings, and cardio or yoga the other morning, and packed healthy snacks and breakfast, just in case I need them.

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