Weekend Goals: I have too many

I already know I’m being overzealous with my weekend goals, but after traveling for work this week, again next week, and next weekend for a weekend of fun, I don’t have any choice! I need to get my butt in gear and get it all done.


So here they are:

– Yoga tonight before bed
– 5 miles tomorrow morning
– Upper body & core strength training
– Yoga tomorrow & Sunday post-runs
– 9 hilly miles (have to have the hills for this one) on Sunday
– Clean & organize my apartment
– Pack for my work trip
– Make 2 tutus for next weekend’s Color Run Nashville
– Clothes shopping (I will explain later)
– Draft a memo & meeting agendas for a work project
– Narrow down options for my spring vacation

Yikes, it’s even bigger in writing. But a few of these are super fun.

Tutus – I am excited about the idea of making tutus for my friend and I to run in next weekend. I’m a girly girl. Always.
Clothes Shopping – I packed my go-to work jeans for my trip this week. They’re a pair of dark boyfriend jeans that are tight, but not so tight I feel weird wearing them to work. Apparently in addition to losing 4.4 lbs in the last 2 weeks, I’ve lost inches. I can now take those jeans off without unbuttoning them. Awesome, but awkward at work dinners all week. I need new work jeans, and its fantastic!
Vacation Planning – I’ve decided I want to take a fun beach vacation this spring. I will most likely be traveling solo, and want a mix of relaxation, new things, and fun. I’ve explored a bunch of options, but can’t make any decisions. Anyone have any great trips ideas to share? I want a place where I can do yoga everyday, but will also bring me fruity drinks on the beach, and not make me feel weird for being there by myself. Something like this would be nice:

via Dreams Tulum

What are your weekend goals? And seriously, got any good trip ideas?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Goals: I have too many

    1. My plans for making ours this weekend were foiled by bad elastic and not enough tulle, but the plan is to wear them for the Color Run Nashville next weekend. I wore a sparkle skirt for Disney last year, but am not sure I could handle a full tutu for more than 3-5 miles. Let me know what you decide and how it works out!

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