Post-Run Yoga: My favorite part of my run

I’ve mentioned my post-run yoga practice on a number of occasions, both here and on Twitter (@cldem), and a follower finally asked what some of my usual poses are for this. Amazingly, I’d never thought about posting it. I’m not sure if its because I assume everyone can magically see me doing it, or just figured it wasn’t that interesting.

I love yoga because it makes me feel strong, helps me stay loose, and occasionally it serves as a way to deal with emotions that have been pent up around my body. I love post-run yoga because it allows me to stretch and pay tribute to the parts of my body that have just allowed me to run, no matter how far or how fast.

While each post-run practice is a little different depending on what my body needs or can do on that day, these poses & flows are almost always included. *Disclaimer: I am not a trained yoga instructor, and if you are new to yoga, it’s best to visit a studio to ensure you have correct alignment before giving this a try*

1) Sun salutation – I usually do 3-5 of Mountain post to standing head to knee before doing the full sun salutation 5-10 times. If you can’t do a yoga push-up (like me), you can drop your knees to do it.


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2) Down-dog split to right runners lunge – hold 5-10 breaths

3) Drop to low lunge with arms straight up – hold 5 breaths – twist with right arm behind back, left gently pushing back on right thigh – hold 5 breaths

4) Push up to standing separate leg head to knee – hold 5 breaths – twist toward left side to Triangle pose – hold 5 breaths *really lift upwards, you can feel a great hip/oblique stretch*

5) Return to standing head to knee, and up to mountain pose to start another sun salutation, and repeat all of this on left side.

6) Complete another sun salutation, and step out to a right high lunge – hold 5 breaths – adjust foot into Warrior 1 – hold 5 breaths – out to Warrior II – hold 5 breaths – up to mountain pose for another sun salutation, and repeat on left side.

7) From here go down into Pigeon pose on left side – hold 10-20 breaths *I will often hold this for a few minutes, it’s like my yoga version of a foam roller* – come out to down-dog, and shake your legs out – repeat on right side

8) Lie on your back and go into Happy baby – hold 5-10 breaths

9) From Happy Baby move into Boat Pose – hold 10-15 breaths

10) Move up against a wall for Legs Up the Wall and lie for 5-10 minutes. Your feel will start to fall asleep, so be careful when you get up.


I use this as my savasana, which is not proper, so you should also lie in corpse pose for 5-10 minutes to let your body learn from what you just practiced.

This takes 30-40 minutes depending on how long you hold each pose, so it’s not quick but your body will thank you.

If you do post-run yoga, what are your usual sequences? If you haven’t, give this a try and tell me what you think!

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