Weekend Recap: Sometimes you just can’t do it all

If you remember, my weekend goals post was titled “I have too many goals”. As it turns out, that was true, partly. Last night, I finally told myself I needed to get some sleep and that it was not the end of the world that some of the things I wanted to do, didn’t get done. But as I looked back over them today, I realized some of those things were tasks. They weren’t there to drive me toward something bigger and better, and if I put those to the bottom of my list to ensure I did something I needed to do, it was okay.

Image from tedkennedywatson.com

The journey I’m on has always been about the balance between flexibility, and sticking to a plan, but the more I grow, the more I realize sometimes what you need to “stick” something, is a little flexibility.

So here are my outcomes:

– Yoga tonight before bed

– 5 miles tomorrow morning
Changed to 60 minutes of intervals, burned 476 kcal, AHR 169

– Upper body & core strength training
30 minutes of arms and core after intervals

– Yoga tomorrow & Sunday post-runs
Done and done

– 9 hilly miles (have to have the hills for this one) on Sunday
It was a mess, but DONE

– Clean & organize my apartment
Partially done. Some parts of it will remain a disaster until I move into a real home, not a corporate apartment. I’m okay with it.

– Pack for my work trip
Nope, not even close

– Make 2 tutus for next weekend’s Color Run Nashville
Attempted, but I didn’t get enough tulle.

– Clothes shopping (I will explain later)
Done! New jeans, a chambray dress, cute top, and cardi.


– Draft a memo & meeting agendas for a work project
Did not do, but did early this morning

– Narrow down options for my spring vacation
I feel like I added more options. Right now: Los Cabos, Turks & Caicos, Miami, Playa del Carmen, USVI or BVIs. Help!!! I want sand, pools, yoga, a killer spa, and sun, lots of sun.

Do you beat yourself up when you don’t cross everything off your list? And seriously, thoughts on a solo beach vacation?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Sometimes you just can’t do it all

  1. I feel like I’m constantly battling an unfinished to-do list. Part of my issue is writing down too many items. I need to be more realistic.

    Solo beach vacation sounds awesome! My top picks would be Turks & Caicos or Playa del Carmen. Check out the El Dorado resorts in Riviera Maya. Beautiful spas, and delicious fresh cuisine.

    1. It can definitely be tough when you’ve set out to do too much, but I’m getting better at not being so hard on myself. I suppose that means I’m officially older and a little wiser!

      And thanks for thoughts on vacation. I’ll definitely check out the El Dorado resorts.

  2. This is my first visit to your blog! Love it! I definitely beat myself up when I don’t cross everything off of my list… then I realize I need to take a step back and really relax. It is not the end of the world!!!

    1. It has to be a personality trait aligned with awesomeness! I’ve been pretty good lately, but inevitably I always come back to trying to do too much. Better to aim for the stars and only reach the sky, right? (Or is the saying reach the moon? Either way, it’s far) 🙂

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