Weekend Goals: A little running, and a lot of fun

After last weekend’s goals vs tasks debacle, I’m being more realistic this weekend. My goals are simple:

– Finish The Color Run Nashville with lots of color, a ton of laughs, and many pictures!

– Complete a 6 mile training run with my running buddy for the Country Music Marathon next month

– Do my post- run yoga routine after my training run

– Do cardio & yoga on Sunday

It’s not going to be the best weather this weekend, but I won’t let that ruin my fun. It’s Easter weekend, I’m with a great old friend, and I am wearing a tutu to run. What warrants unhappiness in any of that?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Goals: A little running, and a lot of fun

  1. Are you doing the Country Music Marathon? I really want to do that one year! I LOVE country music (we FINALLY just got a country station here in NY!) and I’d love to visit Nashville!

    1. I’m really excited, except for the hills. The hills might kill me. You should definitely do it! It will be my first Rock n’ Roll race, so I’m not completely sure what to expect.

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