Weekend Recap & April Goals

I consistently walk the line between flexible and steadfast in keeping to my training plans. I’m a firm believer in listening to my body, and there are some days I need to change up my plans to do what it needs. I blame yoga for this. I’ve had a number of instructors that start off the class asking you to listen to where your body is today before setting your intention. What your body can do today may not be what it can do tomorrow, and that is okay.

By this time you already know my Weekend Goals plan didn’t work like I had intended. But I think it worked out better for my body.

– Finish The Color Run Nashville with lots of color, a ton of laughs, and many pictures!
– Done! It was certainly not done for time, but it was fun overall. My race recap is here!


– Complete a 6 mile training run with my running buddy for the Country Music Marathon next month
– Pushed to Monday due to weather, but it was worth it. Got in 6 hilly trail miles when it was sunny and gorgeous. Slower than I would have liked but it pushed me more than normal.

– Do my post- run yoga routine after my training run
– Done! And this starts me off right for my April Challenge

– Do cardio & yoga on Sunday
– Done! Did my killer 60 minute Biggest Loser interval workout then got ready for bed with some yoga

So not perfect, but got it done, which is better than not starting.

So, its April!

image from American Felt and Craft

I have 3 goals this month, and they’re pretty simple:
1) Complete my 5th half-marathon at the Country Music Marathon. At first, I wanted to PR this, but one of my best friends and I are running it together, and are finishing together no questions asked. And Nashville is hilly. Surprisingly hilly. We’re in it together, and at this time in my life, that’s what I need!

2) Do yoga every day in April. For March, I got 27 of 31 days. This month, a friend and I are trying it again from afar. It’s been great fun, and helps keep me focused and grounded.

3) Meet my DietBet goal. I’ve got 1 pound to go and 8 days to go. I can do this, and finally be under 130 lbs again after several years. My clothes are actually too big, so I’ve been shopping, and feel amazing. But I really want my share of the $11300!

Did you accomplish your weekend goals? And what are you looking to accomplish in April?

Share your thoughts!

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