Therapy Thursday: Knowing your Weaknesses

Over the last 36 hours I found myself reverting back to an unhappy place. I was faced with a situation that consistently makes me turn into a person who accepts my fate rather than fight for what I want, and what makes me happy.

Yesterday I skipped my workout for no reason. Instead, I took a nap, and came close to caving for food choices that aren’t what my body needs and wants. I let the stress and unhappiness of the situation get to me, and instead of using it to drive me forward.

This morning when I woke up I decided I wouldn’t let this continue. I took time for me: I got in a great workout, chose a killer outfit, got a mani/pedi, and I had a wonderful, healthy dinner at Seasons52. I spoke up, and instead of apologizing when it didn’t go over, I forced silence until the other person became so uncomfortable, they responded.


The only reason I was able to get control over myself today was that I knew this situation was a weakness. It has this effect on me every single time, but I’ve grown enough to recognize it, and fight it.

As strong individuals, we tend not to admit our weaknesses. If we focus on our strengths only, we leave ourselves vulnerable to injury and defeat. So tonight, identify a weakness, whether physical or emotional, and create a plan to change it and take control.


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