To paraphrase L’Oreal: Because I’m worth it

Before you read this, please note it is completely unrelated to running or yoga. It is, however, focused on my other two passions: my job, and shopping. I won’t mention them often, but this one compliments all of you at the end, so keep reading!

I don’t talk about work on my blog for a number of reasons, but I work. A lot. And for a very large company that has put a lot of investment in developing me from straight out of business school (previously from the non-profit policy world) into a leader. I love what I do. I love the company I work for, and I could not imagine myself anywhere else, and certainly would not make massive life changes for any other company.

Because I work so hard, each year after paying down student loans and credit card bills leftover from grad school, I set my sights on a reward for myself. For the last few months I’ve been researching and trying on potential rewards, and today, on the most perfect of perfect spring days, I found it.


I love this bag. It makes me smile, it even has a smile built right into it. I know that material things can’t make you happy, and that memories last longer, but this is the “race medal” I earned for the last year of working hard. Every time I hold this bag I will remember the Memorial Day trip when I got up at 6 am every day to do conference calls and turn around 2 drafts before noon so I could get in a run and some beach time before having to make more edits that night. Or that I traveled more than half of the weeks in 2012. But also that the afore mentioned travel brought me back to one of my dearest friends, and although we no longer live a dorm away from each other, we’re as close as we were in college.

For many of you, I know this seems silly, or crazy. And that’s okay. That’s part of why I love my blog/twitter family: each of us is different, we come from different places, we do different things, we have different lives, but in the end we’re connected by a drive to challenge ourselves and be the best version of “me” for each of us. So thank you, each one of you, for bringing something new to my life, and for not judging my self-gifting.

What was the last thing you did to congratulate yourself for something?

What do you love about the blog/twitter family you’ve built?

4 thoughts on “To paraphrase L’Oreal: Because I’m worth it

  1. Oh, super cute bag!! I love that you set goals and rewards for yourself. You need to treat yourself now and then 🙂

    I love that I’m meeting and connecting with people I normally would never have met. I feel inspired and motivated by everyone and I love that we have similar goals, like you mentioned. I have a real love for my blog family and it’s an aspect of blogging that I never saw coming but that I am so grateful to have.

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