Weekend Goals: Going Long and Being Strong

I almost skipped this post this weekend, but I need to stay accountable, and just because I don’t put it out there doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.


The last few days have been really tough, but I’ve complained enough. I’m done feeling sorry for myself, and am ready to get back to being my normal, happy self.

That’s me, really happy

So this weekend, my goals are again simple:

1) Practice yoga 3 times: power yoga this morning, restorative this afternoon/evening and post-run yoga tomorrow

2) Complete 10 mile training run through Mountain Brook with lots of hills… I need to keep doing long runs with with hills to prepare myself for Nashville. 3 weeks till my 5th half-marathon!

3) Eat super healthy so that my DietBet weigh-in makes me some money!

What are your weekend goals?

What do you do to get yourself out of a rut?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Goals: Going Long and Being Strong

  1. I bombed my DietBet with this week. No way I can win now. I need to get back on track though anyways. Did so good in Jan/Feb, then BOOM!
    Awesome that you are doing long runs with hills. There are no hills near me so I am really, really scared about that.

    1. Hey you made it 3 weeks in, though, that’s better than envy one who didn’t try 🙂 I made an amazing realization this past week that I hadn’t been eating enough. I was stuck for 2 weeks, and this week I ate more, and it fell off so easily. Good problem to have for another few weeks of training.

      The hills are the worst, I hate them with every fiber of my being, but the best places for long runs around here are in the hills, so it’s either that or a lot of back and forth on a shorter trail. And you’ve been running trails! Even without hills, you’re legs are ready for them. I ran a trail last week and it killed my stride!

      When do you arrive in Nashville?

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