I’m a Versatile Blogger. Wait, that means people actually read my blog?!

Living temporarily in what could easily be a city in another country, it should come as no surprise that I was sitting at home on Saturday night blogging about my crazy purse purchase and catching up on twitter and blog reads. But then Andrea over at irunfordonuts.com left me a blog comment saying she had awarded me The Versatile Blogger award.

20130407-091945.jpgFor someone who claims to love donuts, there are really not many pictures of her eating them. Work on that.

Andrea’s blog is great, so I’m even more excited and thankful that she chose me. She lives in Boston, so she gets New England points, and she openly admits to eating candy and donuts on her blog, so she’s pretty much my hero.

After reading her post, I was ecstatic. My first thought was “this is so cool, someone reads me often enough to think other people should too” and then “crap, I have to decide on my 15 bloggers.”

So, lets get this thing started, because I love talking about myself, I want to get to that part quickly.

The Versatile Blogger Rules

1) Add The Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post

2) Thank the person (or animal) who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post

3) Share seven things about yourself

4) Pass the award along to 15 favorite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

7 things about me

1) I have a name! I don’t know that I’ve ever posted it, but its Cyanne. Pronounced like the pepper or the Porsche, not like the color or the city in Wyoming.

2) I have lived in 6 states: Maine, Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Alabama. The last 3 states have been over the last 5 years.

3) I cannot keep jars of peanut butter in my home. I have been known to eat an entire jar in a weekend. It’s bad.

4) I am afraid of birds. Bigger birds I’m weirdly okay with. Like flamingos, they’re not threatening, but any bird that flies overhead and darts to the ground, or flaps its wings incessantly, I will run into a brick wall before coming into contact with it.


5) I make piles. My office desk has no less than 5-7 piles on it at any time. My mail gets piled on my kitchen counter. I have running piles of laundry separated into colors between my closet and bedroom floor.

6) I love TV. I watch an odd selection of shows that range from The Mindy Project to The Following. I watch almost nothing live, except the Today Show while I’m getting ready for work.

7) I have a wide selection of gummy vitamins in my medicine cabinet. I eat healthy, but its always good to supplement, and why not enjoy a little treat?! They are made for adults, but I have definitely purchased kid versions before.

My 15 Awardees

Once Upon A Run

Olive to Run

Pennies to Yennies

Nut Butter Runner

Miss Wheezy

Train Eat Repeat

Little Girl in the Big World

I Run I Breathe

A Girl in Progress

Letters to Chace

Asthma Girl Runner

Live, Travel, Eat and Run

Back at Square Zero

Live Run Grow

Outrunning the Monorail

So there it is. You know strangle little facts about me, and know some of my favorite bloggers.

12 thoughts on “I’m a Versatile Blogger. Wait, that means people actually read my blog?!

  1. Thanks for the nomination! So cool πŸ™‚ Will def be checking out some of the blogs listed, and will hopefully get my response post up soon!
    PS. I make lists like your piles- lists of lists, all around the house! lol…

    1. Lists are good! I’m used to do them a lot more than I do now, but that’s a good one πŸ™‚

      And I’m happy to nominate you! Love your blog and tweets.

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    1. I realized it last week and thought to myself, well that’s weird. But then I realized I had done it partly to hide myself. If no one knew my real name, its easier to never really get into this whole blog thing. Second, I was also partly trying to hide myself from my company’s social media people. But then last week they responded to a tweet, so if they wanted to, they’d find me pretty easily.

      Hence, the reason I will very rarely even mention work, because this is about me and my journey, not about my job. Although there are times the job gets in the way of my fitness plans or is the reason I really need to run! πŸ™‚

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  4. Ha. The more I learn about you the more similar we are. I can easily eat an entire jar of PB in one sitting – PB&Co White Chocolate Wonderful being my preferred downfall. I have so many different gummi vitamins – calcium, multi, omega 3, etc. that I once called a friend in med school to ask if it was possible to OD on gummies. Oh, and I usually don’t watch much TV, but right now I am addicted to Glee, Once Upon a Time, The Following (I got home early one night, was channel flipping, and have been sucked in ever since), and Game of Thrones.

    1. I love it! See just because you’re like a foot taller than me, run full marathons, and run faster than me, doesn’t mean we’re not kindred spirits πŸ™‚

      I recently learned about the Vermont Peanut Butter Company, and I want some so badly, but am really afraid of having multiple jars in my apartment. Talk about a quick way to undo the DietBet!

      Good to know I’m not at risk for ODing on gummy vitamins. I have definitely looked at those containers questioning whether having just a few more would be a bad thing. I always scare myself out of it. Except the little orange C’s, I know those will only make me sick before they actually hurt me.

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