Weekend Recap: Being Thankful not Discouraged

I’ve found myself being a little too much of a Negative Nelly recently.

If I’m going to be in a bad mood, I’d rather be Grumpy Bear, because then at least I’m a cute little bear living in the clouds.

20130408-143231.jpgImage from made-in-china.com

Recently, I’ve had numerous frustrations across many facets of my life, I’ve let them get the best of me, and to top it off, I had a terrible long run this weekend. This week, my goal is to stay positive and be happy about what’s going right, rather than focusing on what’s not quite right.

To start, I met my weekend goals!

1) Practice yoga 3 times: power yoga this morning, restorative this afternoon/evening and post-run yoga tomorrow – Got in some great practice and stretched out my sore body post-run

2) Complete 10 mile training run through Mountain Brook with lots of hills… I need to keep doing long runs with with hills to prepare myself for Nashville. 3 weeks till my 5th half-marathon! – It was not my best showing and my confidence is a bit shaken, but I did it. I was my longest run in over a year, and since my last half: WDW 2012. I was tired and a bit dehydrated going into the run. It was nearly 80 degrees out, and I ran mostly on uneven sidewalks, which killed my legs. Because of this run, my already tight IT Band is giving me a lot of trouble, so trying to determine the best training plan for the week to stay strong but not overwork it.

3) Eat super healthy so that my DietBet weigh-in makes me some money! – So far so good! Just need to make it another couple of days to finalize my weight, but I officially, I surpassed my 4% goal and could not be more happy. I’m definitely doing another one of these, but don’t want it to be my focus in the last couple of weeks before my race. I’ll look to start one May 1st to get down even further before the unofficial start of summer: Memorial Day Weekend!

Now to add in some things I’m thankful for:
1) My best friend and running-buddy from afar. We’ve both struggled a bit during this training, but we agreed we’re in this one together. Whether it means slowing down or speeding up, or as I said in a text to her yesterday: “if it kills one of us, it’s killing us both”.
2) My Twitter and Blog family. You ladies and gents bring me back to reality when I need it, and give encouragement when its least expected. At a time in my life when I need it the most, a group of “strangers” are starting to feel like I’ve known them forever. Thank you all!
3) My job. I have a job that when it all comes down to it, I love, and treats me well.
4) Being healthy. Yes, my tree pollen allergies are threatening to take me down at any moment, and my IT band is enraged, but all in all, I can do anything I want.
5) I am blessed. I have been blessed with amazing opportunities and experiences throughout my life. They have surpassed any expectation I could possibly have had, and allow me to continue to set even larger & higher goals.
6) My strength. I was raised to be a strong, independent person. At times this can be a thorn in my side, but most of the time it is an asset. Without this characteristic, the amazing opportunities I’ve been afforded would have either not been presented or would have been overlooked. But also, because it has taught me (using a running metaphor) no matter steep the hill, there’s always a decline on the other side.


Did you meet your goals for last week/weekend?

What makes you thankful?

What gets you through bad runs?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Being Thankful not Discouraged

  1. We all go through this in life, it’ll pass. At least you are actively trying to change things. 🙂

    I’ve been stinkin’ thinkin’ about my runs lately, I can’t wait until after my marathon, so I can just go watchless, and enjoy the actual run again.

    1. You are going to rock Boston! I’m sure this is easier said than done, but enjoy it. You’re doing something most runners can only dream of, and it is purely because you deserve it!

      And thanks for the words of encouragement. I hate being negative, it’s really not who I am, so when I find myself there I get even more negative. But this week will be great, because I can make it happen that way 🙂

  2. I’ve recently been feeling thankful for the blogging community as well. It’s nice to be able to talk running, training and yoga with people who actually want to hear about it! Pretty sure my “real” friends are sicking of listening to it! It is nice to have so many encouraging and supporting people (who you don’t even know!), it’s like we’re all in this together!

    1. It’s really been amazing. I have never seen or heard a single put-down. It’s hard to find is group of holistically supportive people who understand your struggles and triumphs. *happy dance*

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