Confidence Run: (noun) That run after a bad run where you regain your confidence.

Sunday was supposed to be my longest run before the St. Jude Country Music Marathon . It did not go well. I was tired, dehydrated, and my knee/IT band bothered me from mile 4. It was exactly what I didn’t need 3 weeks before this race.

Thanks to some wonderful people helping me keep it all in perspective, I took yesterday as a rest day. Did yoga, and rolled my legs out for almost an hour on the foam roller. I woke up this morning feeling amazing! My legs felt better than they have in a while, and once I found out my evening meeting was cancelled, I knew this was my chance.

It was my confidence run. This was my opportunity to run a solid trail, not super hilly, flat surface, and I was well hydrated going into the evening. It also didn’t hurt that today was Abby’s Kick Ass 5K fundraising virtual run to raise money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation. Her story is inspirational. If you aren’t familiar with it, please check it out.

So I changed before I left the office, and gave a co-worker a good laugh. I walked past her office and she started singing “I’m so excited”, so I went in and she said my bright pink headband reminded her of that episode of Saved by the Bell where they made the music video and Jesse Spano had a breakdown on caffeine pills.

Me after my run, showing Abby I ran her virtual race, only I forgot my Bib, so I made my own

I out the top down on my car, cranked my favorite songs down to the trail, and was pumped to run. The first mile was tough. Every step I was thinking about my knee and IT Band, how hard it was to be doing this after such a bad run. And then by mile 2, I realized I was hitting exactly a 12 min/mile pace. This is my stretch goal for the race in a few weeks (with the Nashville hills I’m not sure it is possible), and suddenly I felt amazing. I kept my eye on time every few minutes, and pushed harder when I found I’d slowed a little.

I’m not sure I’ve ever paid attention, or done this: I had negative splits!

Yeah, I was as excited as these guys. I mean I was Ron Burgundy excited! I did it with no KT Tape, just a focus on my stride and my foot placement, and putting my heart into it. And it was mine, all mine.

I feel great about how I feel, how the run went, and that my friend and I can absolutely do more than we think we can in Nashville. Don’t kill me JA, but we can 🙂

Now, if only I could put the same effort into packing for my work trip tomorrow…

Did you run today? How’d it go?

Do you do confidence runs?

Do you remember that episode of Saved by the Bell?

7 thoughts on “Confidence Run: (noun) That run after a bad run where you regain your confidence.

    1. And then she became a stripper… I realize it was a movie and not the show, but I just connect her as Jesse Spano always.

      How’s the cross-training going?

    1. Those runs can be frustrating. It’s almost better when you know exactly why it didn’t go well. That just means the next one will feel even better!

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