Therapy Thursday: Taking Care of You

For the last 2 years, I’ve worn a bit of a badge of honor for not using all of my vacation days and for sleeping less than 6 hours on average a night due to being up late working. It took a toll on everything: my health, my weight, my fitness, my relationships, and most of all, my happiness.

Upon taking a new opportunity and moving 1500 miles away, I began to realize that while I crave being really busy, I was taking it to an extreme. After nearly 4 months, I’m starting to see the benefits of changing that thought process and relishing the opportunity to regain my life, while still maintaining the level of commitment and performance I want and need at work.

I love my time in the mornings and evenings when I’m running, doing yoga, or other workouts. It’s my time to focus on me, and leave everything else aside. I recognize the importance of sleep, and while its not always perfect, I sleep more consistently, which means I also don’t need to sleep away my weekends.

All of this means I’m happier, I’m losing the extra pounds I’ve been carrying, and am focused on my overall well being. Work will always be a priority, its engrained in me and I love it, but I will never be at my best if I’m not focused on taking care of myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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My favorite ways to take care of myself:
1) Bubble baths and a book – for some reason I’ve always loved bubble baths and reading, together. There’s nothing like being surrounded my a cloud while reading a good book. Try it and tell me you don’t like it.

2) Making myself an amazing meal – I love to cook, and sometimes I’m too lazy to make a big effort, but when I do, I amaze myself. I mean, I’m not a gourmet chef, but I can make some tasty meals.

3) Treat myself to a spa day – there’s nothing like a massage to restore your body and mind. I actually may try to get one this weekend. Between work travel and running, my body could use some rejuvenation.

What do you do to take care of yourself?
What is one of your favorite healthy, homemade meals?
What was the last great book you read?

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