Weekend Goals: Clearing my Head

With only 2 weeks until my 5th half-marathon, I need to make sure my head and my heart are as ready for this race as my body. My goals for this weekend are helping me ensure my life is in order so I can focus on being ready.

1 – Complete my last long run, 10-11 miles, and don’t let my head get to me. Focus on the positive and remember:


2 – Practice yoga 2-3 times, power yoga today, post-run yoga tomorrow, and an alternative time of my choice. During these sessions, I need to refocus my yoga practice on calming my mind, and pushing through the discomfort.

20130413-105406.jpg Image from holistichideaway.wordpress.com

3 – This is a set of tasks, not goals, but I need to literally clean up my life. My apartment is a mess, my car is covered in pollen, inside and out, and in order to focus my mind where it needs to be, I need to have a clean starting point.

4 – Clean up my eating. Having weighed in for my second DietBet this morning, I need to overcome the bad food choices I made this week. I need to get back nutritious, whole foods, cooked at home, fresh and delicious. Also, I want to test some fish recipes to share with Girl Gone Veggie, who is trying to like eating fish.

I am excited about the possibilities of the weekend and the upcoming week. I had a great few days with friends and colleagues in Connecticut that refreshed my soul. I’m ready to rock.

What are your goals this weekend or week?

How do you talk yourself through tough runs or workouts?

What’s your favorite recipe with fish?

Share your thoughts!

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