Taper Week & Work Travel

It’s here: Taper Week! In 6 days, I’ll have just finished my 5th half-marathon.

I expect to be covered in salt (I don’t sweat, I ooze salt), just like this guy.

20130421-092505.jpgImage from silkroadgourmet.com

I will be hugging my BFF and running partner.

20130421-092722.jpg And thanks to her, after chugging water, I will be enjoying a glass of champagne.

But before then, I have a beast of a taper week.

I plan to run 2-3 short runs. My training schedule only calls for two, 3-mile runs. But I only have a little more than 9 miles to hit my 26.2 for Boston, and I’d like to hit that before my half. I will definitely do my training runs, but may plan to do a few nice walks to get the last few in without pushing too hard.

I only live a few hours from Nashville, so in theory, this isn’t a tough trip. Especially since I have a home to stay in, where I can keep all the ridiculous things that will come with me. Unfortunately, work decided this was a great week to plan lots of meetings.

I have to be in Nashville twice this week, and back in Birmingham in between. I’m driving up this afternoon to attend meetings tomorrow and tomorrow night. I need be back in Birmingham Tuesday and part of Wednesday, and then will be driving back to Nashville Wednesday afternoon.

To recap:
700 miles by car (but probably not all with the top down)

4 sightings of this rocket

Two sightings of this sign

20 hours of meetings

20130421-095430.jpg Image from the Ivy Exec Blog

I’m bringing plenty of healthy snacks and Nuun to keep me hydrated. I’m planning my early morning taper workouts so I stay on track for a great race. And most of all, I’m staying pumped up and excited about running my first Rock n’ Roll race.

And, I’m planning to see these two lovely ladies, who both provide me with motivation and inspiration:
Morganne of NutButterRunner
Abby of Back at Square Zero

Have you had a crazy week leading up to a race?
Whats your best race road trip story?
Are you a salty sweater?

8 thoughts on “Taper Week & Work Travel

  1. applesandglue

    Oh snap. I think I left a comment and then it disappeared. Or it’s waiting moderation and now you have 2!

    Anyway, good luck with the week… 700 miles seems like a long way to drive. And good luck with tapering, sounds like you’ve got a good plan!

    1. It is! At least it is broken down into 4 chunks; I’ll be back and forth twice. Not my ideal race week situation, but in Tim Gunn’s words: I’ll “Make it Work”

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