Thank You: Two Words Have Never Felt so Small

My faith in humanity has been restored. My blog, Twitter friends and the running community have stayed so strong to support each other over the last 5 days. Colleagues at work that know I’m a runner all reached out to find out if I knew anyone who ran Boston and if they were all okay.

It is always difficult to go on with life when terrible things happen, but I believe things happen for a reason. I may not know what this reason is, but it is faith in this concept that allows me to move through these terrible events.


Americans come together when times are tough. They hug, they cry, they do good deeds. It’s what makes this country great. But what was even more amazing is that around the world, people came together to stand up against senseless violence and tell the world, runners will not be kept off the streets and trails. We are runners, its what we do.

But what is even more amazing is the amazing spirit and bravery shown by first responders. The police officers, detectives and agents that hunted down the suspects stayed focused and calm for days, likely with little to no sleep, with one goal: to bring at least one in alive so we can understand why they did this.

Today, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to blog/twitter family for helping keep runners everywhere focused on getting out to run for those who can’t anymore or weren’t able to finish.

Thank you specifically to my friend over st for starting a movement that quickly spread around the world. Are you #BostonStrong?

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to bring the suspects down, and for those who will bring them to justice. You have brought a sense of peace back to America, and we cannot begin to thank you enough.

Thank you to everyone who fights or works for our freedom every day. Without you, not only could we not get out and run freely, we would not be free to live our lives. You put your lives on the line and thank you is not enough.

Thank you does not feel like it is enough, but thank you.

2 thoughts on “Thank You: Two Words Have Never Felt so Small

    1. Aw, thank you! It is sad that it takes tragedy to bring people together, but its those moments that its good to know there are people standing by your side, literally or virtually.

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