It’s May already? Well then, time for some new goals!

I cannot believe April went by so quickly. I feel like it was just March, and before I know it, it will be time to start Christmas shopping. Not cool, time, not cool.

20130501-205334.jpgImage from Contagious Commentary

I kept my April goals minimal, and because of that, was successful! It’s nice to be able to say, “Yep, I did that!”

April Goals:
1) Complete my 5th half-marathon at the Country Music Marathon.
Done! It wasn’t pretty, as I noted in my Race Recap, but I finished and felt great going into it.

2) Do yoga every day in April. Did not make this one. Only got 13/30 days.

3) Meet my DietBet goal. Totally did it! I won $44, and the nearly 6 pounds I lost are visible. My post about it bares it all, well, not all, I’m more of a PG-Rated blogger.

I’m really excited about May, even though its going to be crazy busy, and even more excited to share some big news in the next couple of weeks. To keep myself on track I need to set my goals, and check in on them often.

1) Sign up for 2 more half’s this year: one this summer, one in late Fall. My adjusted 2013 goals now include getting numbers 6 & 7, and a new PR.

2) Stick to my training schedule: 3-4 days of running a week & 3 days strength training with at least one of those also as cardio. I need to add in some real tempo runs or speed work, and keep up with my hill work.

3) Do yoga every day. Same rules: even just 10 minutes is okay. I will work to get to an actual class at least once a week.

4) Stay calm. This month is going to be absolutely crazy, exciting but crazy, and I can easily get way off track.

5) Start or sign up for another DietBet. I need to keep it up so I continue to get healthier, but also because it will help my running.

6) I cannot wait to be able to share my news, but need to get everything finalized. So I’m going to start giving little hints in all my posts until I reveal it:


What are your May goals?
What’s your favorite summer race?
What’s something you are over the moon excited about?

4 thoughts on “It’s May already? Well then, time for some new goals!

    1. Sadly, I immediately joined another one, which I knew was a bad idea with a race 2 weeks into it, but joined anyway. If I am going to win, I have to lose it all this week. Not likely to happen.

      Sooooo, I started my own that starts next week. Interested?

  1. Ashley

    Love the yoga every day goal. I feel so great after some yoga but high intensity workouts like running are so much more fun!

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