My own DietBet, weight loss and running speed, and my first giveaway!!!

If you remember, in March/April I completed my first DietBet. I am really proud of the changes I was able to make, and even more proud of the resulting changes to my body.

Sadly, I joined another one against my better judgement knowing I was only 2 weeks from my half-marathon, and calorie counting was not going to be a focus. I have stayed pretty stable, and may end up losing a pound or two, but certainly won’t be winning.

I had always planned to do another one in May, with the goal of losing another few pounds before the unofficial start to summer. Then I signed up for another half in July – the Rock n Roll Chicago Half-Marathon – and have been reading for years about the impact on running times with weight loss. Runner’s World has touched on it a few times, but their Beginner’s Only Q&A is a great summary of the research. Basically, a 10 pound weight loss can improve your time by 20 seconds per mile. For me, that spells PR, especially because I have an extra 10 pounds that I can, and probably should, lose.

So, I started my own DietBet: Summer Slimdown with RunStretchGo.

The goal is simple: stay focused on eating healthy and being active. For me, this means following my upgraded half-marathon training program and eating clean.

Looking to stay on track the last few weeks of spring? Join us! It’s an easy, fun way to stay motivated, and the potential money isn’t too bad either!

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Since I’m kicking off my own DietBet, and kicking up my training, I’m going to need to increase my hydration level every day. My favorite way to do it: Nuun Hydration! So I’m hosting my first giveaway! Since I’m not self-hosted, the widget won’t work 😦 Just click on the link and you can enter!

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8 thoughts on “My own DietBet, weight loss and running speed, and my first giveaway!!!

  1. I used Nuun during a triathlon the other day for the first time and loved it! I didn’t have to take any other fuel! Nuun will help me keep training for Ironman 70.3 Raleigh! Good luck with the diet bet!

  2. I can personally attest to weight loss leading to faster speeds. I’ve lost 17lbs in the last 2 months; prior to this, my best HM time was 2:04, I just couldn’t get close to 2-hours (or under) for anything. This past Sunday, my first HM after the big weight loss, I clocked in at 1:58:22 – a new PR and 6 minutes faster that my previous PR! I totally feel the difference when I run now; I feel lighter, I feel like I can keep my cadence up easier than before. So keep up with your weight loss goals, it works!! (Oh, I also did a DietBet during this weight loss- great motivator, and I began this journey by completing the 21-day Clean Program, I highly recommend it!!

    1. That is amazing! I’ve got a few more pounds to go to hit 10, but can already feel a big difference. It makes sense, though, you’re not making your body work as hard to carry your weight.

    1. Awesome! Feel good that you’re getting some of my money with the one your hosting now 🙂 I’m definitely not losing 5 pounds this week

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