This is what Happy looks like

Today I was that annoying person who is way too happy. I had no out of the ordinary reason to be so happy, the stars just aligned to make it happen.

To start I slept in this amazing room at the Union Station Hotel in Nashville. It’s an old train station converted into a boutique hotel. I’ve stayed here twice now on work travel, and its one of my favorite hotels. The cathedral ceilings in my room this time blew my mind. And the guy at the front desk tracked down a banana for me to take on my drive to the office. That’s good service.


After a simply amazing experience on Monday with the folks at Fleet Feet Nashville I was outfitted with my new Garmin and ready to start my upgraded training plan for the Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half in July.

Although I just did a half 10 days ago, I am going back and starting the training from the base again to build strength and speed. Over the last 4 years I’ve used a number of different half-marathon training plans, but this time I wanted an idiot proof plan that included strength training too, enter Nike Women’s Running. The plan utilizes the Nike Training Club app, which I can keep up with easily when traveling, so its perfect. Today called for 2 miles, and I killed it. 10:20 pace, when my average pace over the last 2 years for any distance is 12:00. Happy Dance!!!

Yeah, that was pretty much what I looked like, only sweatier, and with a sports bra

Also, I was still super excited about the thought of doing a birthday racecation with some amazing women. The last 48 hours have been a flurry of motivation and discussion with Nicole from Cookies on the Run and Ari from The Pace of it All, who have never run a half before. After still more excitement today – learning that Lisa from Run Wiki will also be running – I drove home from Nashville, and immediately registered!


This means by year end I will have completed 7 half marathons! Who am I?!?

Who am I? I am an amazingly happy version of myself. I am more happy than I can remember being in years. I feel amazing. I am confident in who I am, what I want, and most importantly, what makes me happy.

See, I’m super happy. I’m so happy, I even match the color scheme in the hotel bathroom!

More happiness in the horizon, but I still can’t tell you yet, so here’s Hint #3:


What made you happy today?
How often do you take pictures with your mouth wide open?
What is your favorite hotel?

Also, don’t forget to enter my Nuun Hydration Kona Cola giveaway

And there’s still time to join my DietBet, as well! Who wouldn’t want to lose a few pounds before summer really kicks off?

6 thoughts on “This is what Happy looks like

  1. runwiki

    I am so excited to meet you! It’s going to be a great race! I love the W hotel, that’s where I stayed when I ran Boston… the best beds ever.

    1. Oh yes, W beds are the best. I would be willing to give up my own bed if I could sleep in one of those every night.

      I am excited to meet you too! Thanks so much for the code 🙂

    1. Over time, it starts to get better, I promise! And don’t beat yourself up if you have to take a walk break, or if you have an off day. I had a yoga instructor once tell us before every class: get in tune with your body and what it can do today. It will be different today than yesterday, and again tomorrow. I started thinking about that before I run, and its helped me a lot 🙂

      You’ve got time to decide, but you really should do it! We all started somewhere…

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