Therapy Thursday: Put on running shoes, Garmin, headphones, leave brain at home

It’s been a few weeks since I did a Therapy Thursday, but they always help me, so I brought them back.

This week has been my best running week in a long time. I’ve PR’d my 2 mile run twice this week, including this morning when I felt heavy and congested. I ran with no walk breaks (which I’d built into my half-marathon training) both times, and focused on my form when my knee started to hurt.

After signing up for races through January, and setting a few new goals (sub-2:30 half, run a whole half without walk breaks) I decided to start training from base again and go hard. To stop thinking about how hard it is, or that I won’t be able to do it, and just run. And it worked! Granted its only been 2 days and 4 miles, but its working.

So my reminder to myself each morning when I need to run or get cross-training in:
1) You’ve shelled out some serious cash to run these races, you’re committed, and you’re going to kick ass.
2) Put on your running shoes, strap on your Garmin, load up your music, and leave your brain at home. Stop thinking so much and just go.


How do you keep your head out of your runs?
What’s a recent running accomplishment you’ve had?
What goals have you added or updated for yourself?

And here’s Hint #4 for my big news:


Also, don’t forget to enter my Nuun Hydration Kona Cola giveaway! Only 4 more days to enter!

And there’s still time to join my DietBet, as well! Who wouldn’t want to lose a few pounds before summer really kicks off?

6 thoughts on “Therapy Thursday: Put on running shoes, Garmin, headphones, leave brain at home

  1. Congrats on all your accomplishments… don’t downplay them at all! I usually imagine there’s a huge crowd watching me on all my runs, or I play out an issue I’m having or imagine myself starting a business or something haha- i’m a dork. kEEP up the good work!
    PS- Are you getting a new car?!
    PPSS- Thanks for all the shout outs!
    emma @

    1. Thank you for the kind words! And I’m happy to give you shout outs! It’s a great cause and a brilliant idea 🙂

      Yeah, the car hint wasn’t my best. That is my actual car. But the big news involves using my car, a lot.

  2. Congrats on all your accomplishments so far don’t downplay them!! I usually pretend like I’m in a race with a lot of spectators on my runs. Or I try to solve a problem in my life and play it out in my head. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for all the shout outs!!

    1. Love the idea of imagining spectators! Although then I’d feel silly when I break out in dance mode when a good song comes on. Well, I feel silly when it happens anyway.

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