Please pardon the interruption

I’ve been eerily quiet both on my blog and Twitter this week, and I feel like I need to explain.


It’s kind of true, but only at work. As I’ve mentioned before my job can be really crazy, and for the next couple of weeks, it will live up to that:
– My next 3 days start with 6 am conference calls
– I’ve spent 15 hours over the last 2 days in meetings
– I’ve driven a total of more than 400 miles in the last 3 days
– I counted 24 dead armadillos along the highway today (I’m somewhat amused by the concept of armadillos and it makes me sad that I’ve never seen a live one, only dead ones)
– I have to fly to Houston on Memorial day to be there for meetings next week
– There’s a 50/50 chance starting June 3rd I’ll be traveling 5 days a week for a while.

So I wanted to say


Are you as excited about Anchorman 2 as I am?
Have you seen a live armadillo? What was it like?
What’s the longest blog post real you’ve taken?

No big news hint tonight. But keep guessing 🙂

8 thoughts on “Please pardon the interruption

    1. Thankfully, I’ve gotten good at packing workout stuff so I can get runs in whenever I can. This week, I’ll be doing afternoon and evening runs instead of mornings.

      It will be tough, but running keeps me sane so it’s definitely a priority.

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