The night I ran to stay awake

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, my job reaches a point of pure ridiculousness this time every year. Yesterday, I was exhausted from two days of long meetings, 2 long drives, and just from being so focused for too many days in a row.

Due to an early meeting hasn’t been able to run in the morning, like I usually try to do, and needed to get in a short 2 miler. I also had several more hour of work to get done to meet some deadlines. Enter my brilliant concept:


I’ve run in the evening on several occasions, but had never run at night before. My run, while horribly hot and humid, and filled with some massive hills, was great. No knee pain – thank you KT Tape – I felt free and alive, even though I dodged a few cars. My red blinker on my chest maybe should have been brighter, but the bright pink skirt and orange top both had reflectors.


My plan worked! My 2 mile run through the apartment complex and the strip mall parking lot next door was wonderful. I was able to finish my work deliverables, and finally packed up to head to bed around 12:30. Falling asleep was harder than expected, but I’d gotten in my run, felt good, and I wasn’t going to let anything keep me from my training.

Are you a night runner?
What’s the oddest place you’ve gone for a run?
I’m not condoning it, but what are some stay awake tips you’ve tried?

Again, no hint today.

8 thoughts on “The night I ran to stay awake

    1. A friend would definitely have made it better, especially when I got half way up a really big hill and decided to walk the rest of it. I needed someone to say “don’t stop, you’re not going to die, just keep going”. I tuned myself out 😦

  1. I’m glad the run did the trick! I really enjoy night runs (‘cept if it’s scary) but I try not to do it often as the adrenaline keeps me up when I want to sleep (which I guess was what you were aiming for 😉 ). I also hope though your work starts letting up, it sounds like you’re going through a really exhausting time at the mo!

  2. I used to do all my training at night with my hubby, but since our son came along I now wake up at 5am to go running alone. When we were living in an apartment complex we used to run inside the complex, it was a 1 mile all the way around. We would get some weird looks, but it got the job done.

    1. Unless I want to be really late to work, running through the apartment and the parking lot is my only option for weekday mornings. And like you said, it does what it needs to, so I’m okay with it!

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