Travel Tips: Sheraton Fitness Review

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Sheraton or Starwood in any way for this review. I am, however, a Starwood Preferred Guest, so I did receive points for this stay. All opinions are strictly my own*

I’m not a consultant, but there are weeks or months that I feel like one given my travel schedule.

Earlier this week, I had to be in Houston for some work meetings. I was sad that my flight was delayed and I couldn’t meet up with Ari, but the trip wasn’t a total loss.

I’ve written about some of my tips to stay on track while traveling, and even though I don’t always stick to them, I’ve been really good about my workouts when traveling lately. This week, I had late nights, conference calls before my meetings at the office started, and document reviews when I got home at night, but have goals for my summer and fall races, and I’m not letting work get in the way.

Tuesday morning, I needed to get in at least a mile for my Runners World Run Streak challenge (and not just because Karen has thrown in Lululemon as a prize). I stayed at the Sheraton Houston Brookhollow, which is somewhere in Houston that appeared to be in the middle of construction, an office park, and a not great area of town, but its about 500 yards from one of my company’s offices, and its actually a great hotel (comfy beds, good room service menu, and soy milk for my coffee).

Given the surroundings, I was not in a location that had anywhere to run outside. So I begrudgingly headed down to the hotel gym to hop on the treadmill and do my Nike Training Club workout. As soon as I walked through the gym door, I was happy. Sheraton has clearly put some effort into making their gyms worth using. It’s a differentiator for me – I’m usually a Marriott girl for work travel – and suddenly decided I needed to share.

They’ve even branded their new gyms with the help of Core Performance

They’ve brightened it up, and even provided some motivation.

They have workouts and stretching guides to keep you at your best while traveling. I already had my plan for the day, so I didn’t do them, but they’re pretty good options.


And the holy grail: foam rollers and massage sticks! At a hotel gym! If I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.


So thank you Sheraton for providing such a great place to stay on track when I’m traveling. I got 2 great workouts in (including a 1 mile PR and my first speed work session ever).

Have you ever been wowed by a hotel gym?
What’s the thing a hotel can do to make your stay happy?
Any milestones for your won workouts recently?

Monday or Tuesday of next week my Big News will be announced. Until then, here’s another hint

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6 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Sheraton Fitness Review

    1. Work travel induced miles & points will definitely be helping to pay for my 2 racecations this year!

      And yes, I’m becoming a robot 🙂 how did you guess? I figure its an easy way to not have to deal with injuries!

  1. Can’t wait to hear the big news! Never stayed at a Sheraton… maybe they’ll give you a GOLD pass now 😉 YAY for 1 mile PR’s!
    emma @

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