Get out of here May, June is ready to get going!

I cannot believe another month has gone by! I’ve almost been in Birmingham for 6 months, been single for 5, and been blogging for 4. Completely crazy! The first 5 months of the year were filled with change, some good, some that felt bad, but really were good, and I’m excited for what is in store for me.

But first, a look back at May’s goals:
1) Sign up for 2 more half’s this year: one this summer, one in late Fall. My adjusted 2013 goals now include getting numbers 6 & 7, and a new PR. – Done. I’ll be running the Rock and Roll Chicago Half on July 22nd, and joining some awesome ladies for the Women’s Running Series Scottsdale-Tempe Half on November 3rd (which will also be my birthday present to myself)

2) Stick to my training schedule: 3-4 days of running a week & 3 days strength training with at least one of those also as cardio. I need to add in some real tempo runs or speed work, and keep up with my hill work. – Kind of done. With all my travel and late work nights cross-training has suffered, but my runs have been great. Also started plank a day to work on core strength.

3) Do yoga every day. Same rules: even just 10 minutes is okay. I will work to get to an actual class at least once a week. – Nope. Missed it again, I think I made about 15/31.

4) Stay calm. This month is going to be absolutely crazy, exciting but crazy, and I can easily get way off track. – Sort of. I’ve had moments, like this afternoon where I broke down. She’d some tears, laced up, and ran it out. Running is therapy, its that simple.

5) Start or sign up for another DietBet. I need to keep it up so I continue to get healthier, but also because it will help my running. – I finished one (didn’t win) and started my own (probably not winning). No more of these for a bit. Focusing on being healthy and sticking to training.

6) I cannot wait to be able to share my news, but need to get everything finalized. So I’m going to start giving little hints in all my posts until I reveal it – Well, I’m super close. So close I want to tell you right now, but it totally deserves its own post. So you will have to wait. More.


June is going to present its own set of challenges and opportunities, and with that comes goals to keep me on track!

1) Keep up with the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak. I’m 5 days in, 34 days left to go 🙂

2) Don’t let traveling get in the way of my training. I will be traveling 5 days a week for much of June. Need to stick to my runs & strength training at a minimum.

3) Continue to push myself to go faster, further. Speed work & hills need to happen every week.

4) Eat healthy more often than not. This isn’t new, or different, but I need to stay strong while traveling.

5) This is where it gets real: legitimately contemplate getting back out in the world. Finding running groups, making new friends, and even dating *gasp*


So there they are. My June goals. I love getting to put them out to the world, I just need to be better about checking in on them throughout the month.

What is your most challenging June goal?
Any non fitness goals out there?
Seriously, how do you meet people these days? I’m out of practice

6 thoughts on “Get out of here May, June is ready to get going!

  1. Can’t wait to hear your exciting news!
    I am so impressed with your dedication to running and sticking to your goal when you are traveling so much! I know that when I go on a trip I rarely ever run. Way to go!
    June will be a great month for you!! 🙂
    Karen @cinderella_runs

    1. Thank you! It can be really tough, but I always remind myself its the only way to stay sane. And it’s also why I signed up for 2 more halfs this year. If I’ve paid for it, I will train 🙂

  2. Blogilates has a diet bet going at the moment, but it’s already closed cause it was for June.

    I don’t have any june goals specifically but I do have goals, that I am achieving.

    As for meeting new people, I find joining a club of some sort, when you both have like minded interests it helps.

    1. It’s always easier to lie, right? Who’s going to know?! But I definitely don’t like the idea of setting a goal, putting it out in the world, and then not being truthful about it.

      June is going to be great!

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