Therapy Thursday: Suck it up, sister

I’m horrible at keeping up with blogging in general lately, but certainly keeping to my usual posts. Therapy Thursday has been lacking, but tonight, its with myself in mind.

I’m on week #2 of 4 of 6 day a week travel. I leave my temporary apartment in Birmingham on Sunday morning, and return Friday night. This week I was in 2 other cities. Next week I’ll be in 4. Just booking my travel wore me out.

I feel like this guy, only less cute!
Image from

I got home from work tonight, and needed to get in my mile for the Run Streak, and really didn’t want to do it. I was tired, and hungry, and I hate treadmills with a passion. My calves are tired; my hips are tight.

I was trying to figure out how to get my training miles in given an early morning meeting, an evening flight, and a desire to sleep in on Saturday. I couldn’t make it all work out with the time I had. I sat on my hotel bed on the verge of tears. Literally, I could feel them welling up.


And then, through the magic of Twitter, I stumbled upon this post from Cori, at Olive to Run, on excuses. She was right, if it means enough to me, I’ll make it happen. So I decided to break up my 4.5 mile training run between today and tomorrow. I promised myself if I did a mile, I could go find some fruit, if I did more, I could order a real meal from room service. I still went back and forth and finally said:


I ran 2.65 miles in 30 minutes, got in my plank a day, ordered a delicious baked cod & lentil salad from room service, put on my favorite argyle Zensah compression socks, and registered for another half (that’s an entirely different post, don’t ask yet). Yum!

So today (or tomorrow given the time) go read Cori’s post, its brilliant and inspirational, then do something you don’t really want to do.

What did you do that you really didn’t want to?
How did you feel?
Who’s someone that has helped you find motivation or inspiration when you’re lacking it yourself?

15 thoughts on “Therapy Thursday: Suck it up, sister

  1. Good for you for sticking to the streak (although honestly, I kind of wonder if maybe your body is telling you that you need to rest?… just a thought?). And that dragon is adorable. So much traveling! Wow! Pick up some shirts for me lol! 🙂

    1. Oh my body is definitely telling me to rest! It’s so angry at me right now 🙂 it will have its time, but its also doing double duty of getting my body ready to run when its tired, like it will be at like mile 8 of a half! I finally stopped trying to PR every mile, and go slow when I need to.

  2. Hopefully not a silly question, but what’s a “Plank a day?”

    Also, kudos to you for getting it in while traveling for work. I’m amazing at finding excuses not to run when I’m on the road.

      1. I always assume things are more complicated than they are 🙂

        Every now and then, I’ll get into the idea that I should plank every morning as soon as I wake up, in addition to a little press-up stretch. Happens for a few days, then nothing. Do you like it?

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