What would they say about you?

As a girl, I was obsessed with pageants. I loved Miss America and Miss USA, and until I realized I’d be short and have big thighs forever, I believed someday, I could be Miss Maine.

Now that I’m an adult, I realize there are a ton of things that aren’t great about pageants, but there are also some big positives. Entering high school, I did a local pageant (pictures exist, but thankfully aren’t near my iPad or this hotel room) and won. Even for a small town, I walked away with almost $5K in scholarships. Granted, this was a small town in Maine, so there was no swimsuit category, and a competitor referred to Africa as a country, but still, I was queen for a year.

Image from Gagthat.com

Many pageant competitors use the money for college or grad school, and they’re all very involved with charities of some sort. The fact that they are all 6 feet tall and have thighs the size of my arm just happens to be an easy way for them to pay for it. Are they being judged on all the wrong things? Absolutely.

I know, you’re asking “Where in the world is she going with this?”

Image from Someecards.com

One of the funniest things on these shows is the “Hobbies” listed for them, and the snippets of random facts on them. On tonight’s Miss USA pageant, one of the women listed “Make-up” as her hobby! Really, you couldn’t come up with something better than that?

It made me start thinking… What 2 hobbies and random fact would they note about me, and all of you?

Cyanne, 32, Philadelphia PA
Hobbies: Finding the best food options in airports around the country, Blogging about running and other life interests
Random Fact: In college, Cyanne was a waitress and served NBA players regularly.

So what would yours be?

12 thoughts on “What would they say about you?

  1. Love that is too funny!

    Ari, 31 (but she seriously looks 18), Houston, TX
    Hobbies: getting obsessed with different hobbies, only to fall out of obsessiveness a short while later, watching ridiculous amounts of TV and reading too much too.
    Random fact: Ari was once asked to be a host of a local Spanish TV news show. Laughter ensued.

  2. Love this Cyanne 🙂 !

    Lucy, 26, London, UK

    Hobbies: Persuading unsuspecting friends to help implement poorly thought out plans, pretending she’s Heston Blumenthal in the kitchen (but with fewer, and less tasty, successes)
    Random fact: Lucy once try to scale a 6ft wall in a full length ball gown. A friend may have been present at the time.

    1. That is fantastic and impressive! I feel like a new race challenge had to come out of that. Instead of just mud, try running an obstacle course in a ball gown!

  3. Haha love this!
    Hobbies: Blogging and taking pictures of my daughter to put on the blog
    Random Fact: I drink hot water and used to show horses
    emma @ a mom runs this town

  4. your pointless ecard made me laugh.

    My 2 hobbies would have to be, blogging, and sewing, er, more so quilting, as I’m really enjoying quilting at the moment.
    Random fact:. I shoot… people… with my camera. And I can shoot arrows. I use to do archery, and I was good at it, haven’t shot an arrow in about 5 years though 😦

  5. I’m with you- there’s lots of unhealthy things that go along with pageants, but I do like that focus on others as their ultimate goal (and not all on “beauty”). Love the idea of what our bio would be…

    Lauren, 30, Denver, CO
    Hobbies: Running, list making, making a mess whilst cooking, and FRIENDS (tv show).
    Random Fact: Has personally met Angelina Jolie, and she does not sparkle.

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