When everything seemed to be wrong, it turned out, it was alright

Yesterday, I could have easily been mistaken for Grumpy Cat. Nothing went the way I had planned. Every person I had to interact with had also decided it was “Be Grumpy Cat” day, making my own mood worse.

Image from GrumpyCats.com

And then I started to stress out. I could actually feel my blood pressure skyrocket right after what should have been time to happy dance. I signed my lease to my new apartment and paid my first months rent. Apartment 425 was all mine, well as soon as construction is finished. But in looking over some documents, I started to freak out. For close to 8 hours, I was convinced I had mis-calculated my budget, and couldn’t actually afford my apartment. What was I going to do? What can I do without? Can I go back and renegotiate my salary now?

And then it hit me: I was only counting one paycheck a month. I get paid bi-weekly.

Image from herbalcell.com

Thankfully I realized this just as I was heading out for a run, so I was ecstatic, and could enjoy the run. The day was perfect, a little warm, but sunny, breezy, and almost no humidity. So off I shot, blazing down the sidewalks toward Kelly Drive. Slightly under a mile in, my foot didn’t hit the sidewalk, it hit the curb, and my ankle collapsed for a split second. Immediately shots of pain went through it into my foot and up my leg.

Noooooooo!!!! 5 weeks until race day, you’ve got to be kidding me! I had successfully navigated trails the last 2 weekends with no problems, and I’m taken out by a sidewalk? But in the less than 30 seconds it took to think thought this I walked to a nearby bench, took a breath and started stretching it, rolling it around, and stretching more. Within another minute, it was a little tight but didn’t hurt.

I gave myself a little pep talk: it doesn’t hurt, why would you walk back to the hotel right now? Take a deep breath, hit “Start” on Runkeeper, and get ready to roll. And I did.

I started off a little slower to make sure I was okay, and quickly realized I was fine as long as my form was good. So I continued on, checking my form often, for another 3+ miles. I finished faster than my “need to be faster than this” pace, and pretty honestly felt great. The old me would have given up and said “you’re hurt, go home” but my body was telling me it was okay, and I listened.

By fate, I ended my run a block from Whole Foods and my new apartment, so I made an amazing salad, took a picture of my new home and the construction progress over the last couple of weeks and went on my merry way.

But it didn’t end there. I got back to the hotel and realized I hadn’t used my inhaler before I headed out. I’ve been an asthmatic since I was a kid, and always use it before I do any cardio, especially during peak allergy season. I had successfully run 4 miles at a 10:37 pace with a twisted ankle and nothing to keep my airways open.

Image from Project Inspire

Granted, my run and jaunt to Whole Foods meant I was up working until after midnight, but hell, it was worth it! Although my ankle is pretty tender today, so its all about ice, compression and ibuprofen.

What have you done recently to surprise yourself?
When was the last time you got yourself all worked up for nothing and why?
Tips for not overworking a tender ankle, besides KT Tape?

Share your thoughts!

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