6 State, 20 Mile Rundraiser: Day 1

Day 1

Today, my journey started! But it got off to a late start.

Image from Incrediblethings.com

Since I have been traveling all 6 out of 7 days a week for the last month, I had a lot to get done before I could leave, and my flight was 2 hours late getting in on Wednesday night. A few things I couldn’t skip, like having my car checked and readied for the trip. I have AAA, but would prefer not to have to use it. I had to keep running stuff down to the garbage area, and packing my tiny car is like putting together a 1 million piece puzzle.


I decided to do my last mile in Alabama at the place I first ran outside when I moved there in January, and to my surprise, killed my mile PR by more than a minute. And made some new friends.


Oh, and I had to make a quick, but important stop:

The lovely guy at Fleet Feet Birmingham even gave me a good tip for a place to run tomorrow, which is perfect because its a training day, so I need to get in TN and VA, and a full 5 mile run in one of those.

After 7 hours of packing my stuff and my car, I drove off into the sun. No, not sunset, it was a little after 3 in the afternoon.

If it weren’t for that shirt, this pic would have been deleted. I look terrible.

After a few hours, I hit Georgia, and since I’d only be in it for about 20 minutes, needed to find a place to run quickly. I pulled off on a random exit, and stopped to change my shirt and get my headphones out. After 20 minutes of searching, they we in the last place I checked, because I’d put them there this morning thinking: “oh perfect, they’ll be right there to just grab and go”. Fail.

I got in a really hot, sweaty mile right after a torrential downpour. There was steam coming off the pavement. It was gross.


And then I had my first really weird sighting of the trip. All of a sudden this thing flies over the road ahead of me. As I got closer I decided it was really cool!


I’m finally snuggled into my hotel bed for the night, and am ready to sleep soundly.

If you haven’t entered the giveaway, you’ve got a few more days. And thanks to those who have already supported The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Nicole from Cookies on the Run and Karen from Cinderella’s Running Shoes.

Have you ever stopped to run while on a road trip? Where?
What’s your favorite podcast or audio book?
Are you going to help me reach my $500 goal? I’ve still got $415 to go!

11 thoughts on “6 State, 20 Mile Rundraiser: Day 1

  1. Way to go on your run, that is the most bizarre sight indeed! And I just donated.. and emailed you. 🙂 We don’t have a Dicks here so I won’t enter the giveaway tho. It’s all good!

  2. I’ve never stopped for a run on a road trip, but then again I haven’t been a runner for very long, and the last (long) road trip I did was when dear son was 11 months old (he’s 4 1/2).
    as for podcasts my 2 fav are the smarter science of slim and runners academy.
    The last audio book I listened to was Life of Pi and wow what a story. I do have another audio book on the go at the moment (replay), but I have only just started it, so can’t really talk much about it yet, but it’s interesting so far.

    Good luck with your goal. You’ll totally crack it.

  3. Shoes always need friends. What is that cart guy doing? Is that safe?? Giving you a about out on the blog tomorrow!
    Emma @ a mom run this town

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