6 state, 20 mile Challenge: Day 2

Day 2

To start, I’m going to start by pleading for donations to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As of this morning, I’m at $120 of my $500 goal. Any amount will help support LLS and the people they serve, and if you donate $10, you’ll get 5 entries to my Dick’s Sporting Goods giveaway!

Yesterday was my long driving day. 8+ hours of driving without counting stops, but only 2 states! It was also through the mountains, so it was really pretty.

It started with a hot and sweaty 10:00 mile around the parking lots of the strip malls near my hotel. Much slower than my PR mile yesterday!

Then, I was off! Not my usual road trip outfit, but my 5 mile run was only a couple of hours into my drive.
I got a lot of strange looks when I stopped for gas and water!

Maybe they thought I needed to use this?

Seriously, people use this? I do like the Gatsby-esque exterior though.
Before I left Birmingham yesterday, you may remember, I stopped at Fleet Feet and I mentioned I’d be running along the way and he gave me a tip on a great trail only a few miles off my route when I crossed from TN into VA. So I checked it out online last night, and was pumped to give the Virginia Creeper Trail a go yesterday. It was gorgeous. Hot as hell because it was noon and a major storm came through about 15 minutes after I finished running, but it was gorgeous.

I plan to do a full review next week, otherwise this post would get REALLY long!

I started off really strong, and was really excited by how easy the run felt, even though it was hot, but when I stopped at the halfway mark to take pictures, the heat overtook me, and the second half was tough. But I made it! And under my goal half-marathon pace, although according to Runkeeper, I ran more than 20 miles with a pace of just over 2 min per mile. I knew my times had improved, but man. I’m totally kicking some Kenyan butt 😉


Back on the road, I made some new friends.


Hit some terrible rain.


But then was surrounded by sun the rest of the way.


I started to get really tired a few hours after my run, so I stopped and took a quick car nap, powered up with some Diet Dr. Pepper, and headed back out. A few hours later, an oasis appeared.


I fell for it, and ended up with this


And settled in for the last 3 hours. I sang and car danced almost that entire 3 hours, until I had no voice left. Wow, you might say, but it was courtesy of this guy:


It was a long but overall great day. I stayed up way too late, but with only a few more hours to drive today, and only a 1 mile run in Maryland, I’m letting myself actually relax. Sunday is my final run on this trip, and my longest run, 11 miles, before my next half in a few weeks.

What’s your road trip food or drink weakness?
What is your favorite band/artist or album to sing along to?
What’s on your agenda this weekend?

4 thoughts on “6 state, 20 mile Challenge: Day 2

  1. Mark Varner

    Not much going on here just doing laundry & cleaning up the apartment from my trip to my nephews High school graduation last week. Will have a couple of enjoyable runs this weekend now that the humidity & heat has moved west. That trail looks awesome & looks fun to run until the heat kicks in. Cool that you saw saw some cows on your road trip because that is a regular occurrence on my runs out in the country. Really is very peaceful since there is hardly any traffic out there

    My road weakness is chic-fil-a & stopping at outlet malls to walk around. I found found some great deals at nike & underarmour though

  2. As soon as I get to my computer I’ll donate! Gave you a shout out on my blog today!
    Yay VA! Never been on that trail though!
    Emma @ a mom runs this town

    1. You’re so wonderful! Thanks for the shout out!

      You should do a family outing, it was wonderful. Bikers, hikers, runners, kids, and old guy with no shirt. A little bit of everything!

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