I have completely lost my mind

I have officially lost my mind. There is no doubt about it.

Quick recap of what’s been going on the last month:
Runner’s World Run Streak with Karen from Karen Loves to Run
New job in a new city
A move with a fundraising and running challenge and a giveaway for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

And what’s going on over the next few months:
– July 21st – Running my 6th half marathon, Rock & Roll Chicago
– Early August – Moving into my new apartment, and finally getting all my stuff out of storage
– September 15th – Running my 7th half marathon, Rock & Roll Philly
– October – Birthday Month 😎
– November 2nd – Running my 8th half-marathon, Women’s Running Series Scottsdale-Tempe

I had also already started planning my 2014 race calendar, and then I went for a run with Karen.
What does that mean?

I am scared and excited all at the same time. But I wanted to take on this challenge next year, anyway, and I have someone to do my long runs with this winter, so I went for it. Ask me again in December if this still feels like a good idea, though!

But before then, I’ve extended my giveaway deadline, because I’ve only reached $185 of my $500 fundraising goal! So, you have until Monday, July 8th to share, donate, and get entered to win!

How did you decide to run your first marathon?
What newbie training tips do you have?
What races do you have planned?

10 thoughts on “I have completely lost my mind

  1. Mark Varner

    I heard that the Twin Cities Marathon (Minneapolis/St. Paul) was one of the most beautiful marathon’s around plus I had lived their as a kid so I wanted to go back & run. I had an incredible marathon it lived up to its billing as the”Most beautiful urban marathon”. We ran by fabulous catheradels, incredible neighborhoods with the leaves changing colors & falling plus around around 4 lakes & the Mississippi River and ended at the capital in St. Paul

    Take your journey towards 26.2 (it really is a journey) week by week because I was scared to death about running 26.2. I couldn’t have done that week 1 but slowly I kept crossing of new distances even though the heat & humidity were unbearable last summer. I have no idea how I ever completed one 16 mile run on Saturday morning. They went with the 18 mile run. I dreaded the 20 miler but it turned out to be one of my best runs. Find whatever agrees with you for energy, I love the Honey Stinger energy chews. I didn’t like anything else

    Good luck on your training as I know you will do well. Keep running this summer & I promise that you will feel awesome for the marathon after the heat & humidty of this summer

    I am running the KC half in Oct. & the Space coast half in Dec.

  2. WOW! EXCITED FOR YOU! I ran my very first half in January and am inching closer to choosing which 2014 race to lose my marathon virginity to. (Be gentle, it’s my first time, ha.) This is incredible and I am looking forward to following along as you journey to 26.2!

    1. Thanks so much! I am so excited and definitely more nervous. It helps knowing I have amazing support from my run family. I love the half Mary, but I’m just hoping to survive her big sister!

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