2013 Summer RunStreak Recap

I made it!

20130705-093057.jpg I completed 115 miles in 39 days. That is definitely the most I’ve ever run in that timeframe. So pumped!

Yeah, that pumped

Just before Memorial Day, I was flip-flopping as to whether I would be able to do the Runner’s World RunStreak. If you follow my blog regularly or follow me on Twitter, you know I went through with it.

Overall, I’m so glad I did it. I was concerned early on that it was going to really hurt my half-marathon training, since my half is in 2 weeks. I worried that not ever really having a rest day would make each day a little more painful. I’m not going to lie and say my legs felt glorious, but after the first 10 days or so, it became my norm.

Yes, my long runs probably would have been happier if my calves weren’t so tight, but something else happened. I got faster. Doing a mile on what would have been my non-running days, and running it hard, was like extra speed work. For example, my first mile I did for speed right before the RunStreak was just under 10:00 pace. Last week, I kicked off my 7 state, 21 mile run challenge with a mile in Birmingham, and did it in 8:41. To top that, my norm for a 5 miler for years has been just over the 1 hour mark. Yesterday I finished up the RunStreak with a 5 miler through the streets of Philadelphia in 51:41.


I’m really happy with my progress and enjoyed the RunStreak, especially with the Challenge Loop that Karen set up. It was fun to see how other people were doing, pictures of where they run, who they run with, and share in their progress. Sometimes it was screen shots.

Sometimes it was the view.


Either way it was fun. But I cannot tell you how happy I am to have rest days back as I kick off 2 weeks of tapering. Also, while I was running, and keeping my training up, my cross-training came to a complete stop. These next few weeks will see yoga come back, and post-half, will be fully back to strength training.

But before then, I’ve extended my giveaway deadline, because I’ve only reached $185 of my $500 fundraising goal! So, you have until Monday, July 8th to share, donate, and get entered to win!

Have you ever done a run streak?
Tips on keeping my legs fresh for the next 2 weeks?
What has been your favorite summer run so far?

Share your thoughts!

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