And the winner is…

After running 21 miles in 7 states to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of my grandfather, my Nampie, my giveaway is finally over.

In total, I raised $285 of my $500 goal, which means I still need your help! More on that later this week, but if you would still like to donate, please do so, me let me know!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Congratulations Emma! I’ve instructed her that she’s not allowed to let her Ironhusband take it, so I expect everyone to keep on her about some new duds in her pictures.

I’m pretty sure she only shows us her feet because she’s ashamed of her tops 😉

Thank you to everyone who tweeted, commented, donated, and blogged about my journey and fundraiser. I can pretty honestly say it was one of hardest things I’ve ever done. 21 miles in 4 days, not that tough. When you factor in that after I ran, I jumped back it the car and drove for hours, it starts to become a little more difficult. Then adding in that I was running whenever I could, so it was close to 90 almost every time I ran, ridiculous. I did that! I did that.


So HTC ladies – Adriana, Jen, Emma, Karen – lets round up the rest of the team, other than the hills, I’m ready. We’re entering the lottery!

And on top of this… I won something! I won Frozen Peaz from my favorite cookies: Nicole & Brian over at Cookies on the Run. I’m really excited to try these puppies out, and after Nicole’s review expect big things.

What challenge have you given yourself recently?
What is the last thing you won?
What is something you’d like to see for a giveaway that isn’t given away all the time?

9 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. My latest challenge? I made up! I’m working on losing 40 pounds by Nov. 11th. I want to FINALLY be at my goal weight (which is in the middle, maybe high end of the weight range for my height). I’m too old to be doing this forever. I want to reach my goal THIS YEAR and be done with it. LOL!

    I can’t remember the last thing I “won.” I’m not very lucky in general. So much so that I use the “Buy It Now” on Ebay. LOL!

    1. That is an awesome goal, Chris! You can do it. And you know I’m always here to support you 🙂 Been there, and back there, just with a smaller goal this time.

      Hmmmm we need to get you a win 🙂

  2. Cyanne thank you so much!! Wish I could keep donating so you make your goal but between my lack of income, Justin’s current fundraising and oh yea LIFE, we are BROKE! When is the lottery for HTC????
    THanks again and I’ll be sure to buy a new top 😉
    emma @ a mom runs this town

  3. Yay!! You put the miles in and your so close to your goal!!

    Congrats on winning the frozen pees!

    As for HTC ill be ready! How many total peeps do we need?

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