Product Review: Barre bar

I’ve been testing new bars that can be pre-run snacks, or on the go snacks since I travel so much. I’ve seen Barre at my local Whole Foods for the last month, and finally decided to give it a go.

20130718-213803.jpg The pretty pink packaging and ballerina on the front definitely appealed to my inner dancer (having danced from age 3 to 20), but the flavor, Black Swan Chocolate Berry, didn’t hurt.

According to the package Barre is a

Real food bar developed by two professional dancers (made with real ingredients for real athletes).

Developed by Julia and Aaron, both were professional ballet dancers with the Pittsburgh Ballet, as a way to fuel their long studio hours without weighing them down, Barre became a quick hit among fellow dancers. They decided to start selling then, and now they’re carried nationwide in select retail outlets.

The Taste

Imagine a brownie filled with trail mix and make it extra fudgy, and you’ve got this. It seriously was one of the best tasting bars I’ve ever had. The dried berries add a little bit of sweet and sour amongst the nuts and cocoa. It is tough to tell this has lots of healthy things in it.


(There should be a funny picture of a ballerina eating a brownie. Just trust me that you get some weird stuff Googling that.)

The Feel

Similar to the taste, it was very brownie-like. Soft and fudgy, with little pieces of nuts and berries mixed in. Sorry the pic isn’t better, I couldn’t stop eating it!


The Effects

I didn’t go for a run after this one, and probably wouldn’t. There is 4 grams of fiber in this one, and I could tell. It is definitely a good snack or on the go meal (with a piece of fruit) because it filled me up without making me feel heavy, or even a post long-run treat/refuel.

Overall, it was delicious, but probably not a pre-run fuel.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated or provided with Barre to test. I purchased and reviewed on my own, and opinions are wholly my own.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Have you ever taken a dance class?
Do you dream about brownies the way I clearly do?

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Barre bar

    1. Haha! You are adorable. I wrote this post last week and I thought it posted, but apparently it didn’t. They were tasty, but more post-run than pre-run.

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