Frustrations, planning, and listening to your body

I had like 3 other posts to do tonight, but this one spoke to me first. Yes, they speak to me.

Ok they don’t, but after the #HealthyWayMag chat last night, I knew this was the one I needed to write. And then I got tired and went to bed without finishing it. Sleep is important. Don’t hate on me.

I am not a fan of Mondays in general. For some reason things just can’t ever go right on Mondays, and it starts early. I am later than normal, or I spill coffee of myself before I make it to the office, or an unexpected request comes in late Sunday night. Whatever the reason, Mondays are in like a lion.

Ugh, nothing fun about this guy

Although, shouldn’t they really should be like a snuggly bathrobe, welcoming you into the week with warm softness.

Yes, just like this

With my final move into my new place in Philly finally upon me, I had hours of back and forth with the various people involved in my move, and unhappily learned I need to be in Connecticut all day on Friday, when I was supposed to pick up my keys. The day was just not going how I wanted it to go. The fact that it was a beautiful day out kept me longing for my 5 mile run on tap that evening.

Over the weekend I’d purchased a planner and charted out my August training, creating my first real training journal. By actually writing everything I’m supposed to do, what I actually do, and how I’m feeling, I’m hoping it will help me stay on track. And not just with running, but with other health & fitness goals I set. I was excited to log for the first time.

I stole the sticker idea from Karen 😇

The day was perfect, I was frustrated and ready to burn off nervous energy, and yet, as soon as I started to run, everything felt off.

First, I was wearing running shorts. I don’t wear shorts. I rarely even wear shorts just to enjoy a summer day. I will almost always choose a sundress or capris. I hate them.


Second, my legs were still tired from my 10K run on Sunday, so they were heavy and a little tight.

Third, while it was gorgeous out, with low humidity, it was still 85. A little warmer than desired fora great run.

So, about 1/2 mile in, I stopped. I fought with myself internally. I could give up and go home, I could slog on for 5 miserable miles, or I could do something different.

Giving up was not really an option, I’m still in training mode, it was a great day for a run, and dammit, I was just not giving up. I also didn’t want to hate every mile, so I was left with one option: get creative.

My legs weren’t in any shape to do a tempo run, so I decided to make it a hard, fun run. I did fartlek style sprints for 3 miles. Since I was running streets and in a park, I had varying lengths of path to sprint, often with stop lights for me to recover. So after each sprint, I stopped, let my heart rate recover, stretched out, and went hard at the next one.

I had so much fun!!! I was pushing so hard for random intervals, I didn’t have time to think about anything else. I was focused on my breathing, my strides, and pushing myself to go faster. It was exactly what I needed, both for my body and my mind.


I realized my body can do more than I think it can, even if its for short spurts, and that more than ever, when things don’t feel right, its okay to change it up.

What’s your worst moving story?
How do you change up your training to still have fun?
Do you let yourself change your workout plans if something isn’t working right?

2 thoughts on “Frustrations, planning, and listening to your body

  1. Let’s just get rid of Mondays all together. Whatcha think? I wouldn’t mind. I think we all experience those off days, and sometimes we do have to improvise. I will change up my training by either running sprints, challenging myself to beat my PR for pace, or by shortening my run altogether and engaging in some HIIT training at home. I do let myself change up the workout plan if it is needed. I think our body is amazing at telling us exactly what it needs. Sometimes we really do need to listen. P.S. I’m a new follower. Found you on twitter. Stop by and say hi sometime! I’m new to the runners blogging community.

    1. Welcome! I will definitely check your blog out. I love finding new blog buddies 🙂

      I love the idea of no Mondays, and your plans for changing things up is great. It’s amazing how small changes can totally change your motivation and attitude.

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