When I finally _____ I’m going to ______

After 8 months (okay, on Sunday it will be 8 months) of living with the majority of my stuff in a storage unit in Connecticut, this week I will finally have a place of my own again. Today is technically my first day paying rent since December (so I’m not as excited about this part of it), and I’m on the train back to Philly right now to pick up my keys.

Image from xaxor.com

I feel about like that elephant, only slightly less wrinkly. But I think ecstatic is about the best word to describe me right now. I can think about almost nothing else. My apartment management team is laughing at me, I’m sure, because they keep reminding me I don’t have the elevator reserved for today, and I keep reminding them, my stuff isn’t here yet, I just want my keys.

I even made a stop on the way to the train station from the storage facility to get this:


I’m fairly certain I have one of these in a box now on a truck, but I can’t wait until I have July stuff to measure things out in my new place!!! I need area rugs, I want a new couch, and I need to plan where things go before they arrive.

But you don’t care about that. I tempted you with a clever title, and are probably already bored. When I got on the train, the first song that came on when I shuffled my entire song list on my iPhone was “Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent. I immediately wanted to belt it out and dance around, and my second reaction was:

When I finally get my stuff, I’m going to sing and dance around my apartment like its a Broadway stage.

Yes, I’m that neighbor. Whether its Showtunes, some good 90s slow jams, or classic singer songwriter tunes, my favorite way to unpack, or do chores is with music, and next week and weekend will be dedicated to organizing my new life, which means a lot of singing and dancing will be necessary.

It’s nearing the end of summer, its the beginning of a new month, and its your turn to fill in the blanks.
When I finally ______, I’m going to ______.

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