You found me how? Search term blog linkup and a Giveaway

Several of my blog friends have done posts on the funny ways people find their blog, and every once in a while, the search terms that lead people to my blog make me chuckle. So, as I drink my coffee this Sunday morning, I decided this is the perfect day to share, and want to see yours, and reward your ability to creatively tag your posts ๐Ÿ˜‰


Lets make it a You Found Me How? Linkup and a Giveaway! In honor of me also looking for great finds for my new apartment, this link up will also be a way to win a $50 gift card to my favorite place for random finds: Etsy.

I love Etsy because you can shop small businesses, even if they’re not found on your Main Street, and I can find amazing things like this pillow cover from Oh My Pillow, which will most likely find its way to my new couch.


But on with the funny! You Found Me How?

Thankfully, a healthy number of people find me by searching Run Stretch Go, sometimes adding WordPress to it.

My Chocolate Protein Pancake recipe is quite popular. Various chocolate protein pancake searches have sent 31 people to me. They are delicious, go check it out.

My Color Run post gave a lot of people pictures of people they likely don’t know. 30 people found me searching variations of Nashville Color Run Pictures.

There are lots of random things that are directly related to posts I’ve done, like Apple TV Workouts, Curry Lentil Stir Fry, and Post-Run Yoga.

And then there are the funny ones:
Things Old People Say So, it was in a post title, but really, you clicked on my link? Maybe I really am old. This is how I imagine I will look for my race next month:

Image from

Drop it Like a Push Up I don’t even know what that could be looking for… how does one drop it like a push up? I Googled it myself and can’t even find my site. Whoever you are, impressive persistence, since I gave up after 8 pages of search results. It did give me this on the first page of images though:

Image from

But my top 5 favorite searches that resulted in finding me:
5) Ow I do talk about pain of various kinds, probably a bit more than I should. Hopefully that individual did not feel pain by reading my blog.

4) “Will run for glitter” I don’t think I’ve ever said it on my blog, but hell yeah I’d run for glitter. If they could find a way to turn a color run into a glitter run but not be painful, I would run the hell out of that race. I accidentally said this to the person at a counter at a deli this week about water, but decided it holds quite true for life:


3) Streaking Pictures I completely out myself out there for this one with my posts about the Runner’s World Run Streak. But I’m pretty sure this is not what you we expecting to get:


2) Amateur But Stretch Yes, the middle word only had one ‘t’. A few things for whomever searched this: Yes, you can stretch and be an amateur. It doesn’t take an expert to stretch. If you’re trying to stretch your butt as an amateur, I’m hoping you mean you’re new to stretching and need to stretch your glutes. I feel there are some really inappropriate things you could have been looking for, so I hope you instead enjoyed sweaty pictures of a me, like this:


1) What Should I Try If I Go Streaking? My suggestion is a good pair of running shoes, and to watch Old School over and over again before attempting it. Who searches this? Don’t you just go if you want to streak? For this well planned streaker, I hope I instead convinced you to go for a run, fully clothed, or at least with a short running skirt.


So, I appear to be an expert on Color Runs in Nashville, pancakes, and streaking. Looks like my resume’s getting updated tonight ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, go check out your searches, write a link-up post, and get ready to do some shopping!


Nothing in this post was sponsored, I just like bright fun pillow, Etsy, and funny search terms. All opinions and experiences with Etsy are my own, you may have a different experience or opinion. I will still like you.

13 thoughts on “You found me how? Search term blog linkup and a Giveaway

  1. I absolutely love handmade underwear from Etsy! I have found some great pieces that are so well-made, and much better than the store bought brands I’m used to. If I win, I’d love a new pair of handmade undies from Etsy!

  2. Lisa Jones

    I don’t have a blog to post on but found you through another blog I follow (Runs for Cookies). I guess I’m just a blog groupie,LOL. I love the Will Run for Glitter find. LOL

    1. I love blog groupies ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’m so happy you stopped by! Since you don’t have a blog, are you interested in being entered in the giveaway without the link up piece?

    1. That is a great plan! It can also make for a great interval workout. Every time you see a dog, drop it like a push-up.

      And thanks! I just ordered a rug that is blue and cream chevron, I am so excited to have lots of mix and match patterns.

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  4. I definitely found you with the keywords “will run for glitter”….that’s how I knew we would be friends :p
    I *love* ETSY! I went a little overboard with the engagement/ wedding items a few months ago, luckily I think it’s all out of my system. I also love how when you order the packages usually come so nicely wrapped with care!

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