Saturday or Sunday? The battle of the weekend days

I love my weekends. Who doesn’t, right? It’s my time to relax, refocus, and decompress after a long week, and before another long week.

This morning as I drank my coffee, watched the news, and caught up on blogs, I found myself thinking:

They each have their benefits, but those benefits have changed for me over time.

Growing up Saturday meant cartoons and cereal while my parents were still sleeping, and then transitioned to Saturday football games or early morning practices. It meant day trips to the beach or shopping, and apple picking in the Fall.

Sundays as a kid meant church, Sunday school, and donuts at my grandparents’ house. Then became homework day, grocery shopping with my mom (I’ve always loved grocery shopping, its weird, I know), and in college and early post-college days, meant recovery from whatever debauchery occurred the night before.

These days, sleeping in means anything after 6:30 (even not having kids, sleeping later than that is a rare occasion), and cartoons have been replaced with myriad news shows, and cereal has been replaced with coffee.


I’m a Sunday long run girl. My work weeks can be crazy, and not as much recently, but used to be travel filled, so Saturdays mean recovering from my week.

Saturdays are my days to catch up at home, run errands, find some fun, lately its my focused yoga day, and preparing my body for the long run on Sunday. It usually means a little shopping or window shopping, and exploring.

Sundays mean a good part of my day is focused on prepping, running or recovering. I catch up on news, again, do laundry and hit the grocery store. Its my refocus day, preparing for the upcoming week, and focused on relaxing rather than fun.

So, I’m torn. I love my running time on Sundays, but Saturdays are full of mystery.

Do you have a favorite weekend day?
Do you like grocery shopping as much as I do?
Are you a Saturday or Sunday long run person?

6 thoughts on “Saturday or Sunday? The battle of the weekend days

  1. I’m a Monday long run person. but I have done long runs on saturday and sunday, so I’m not fussed.
    Don’t have a fav weekend day, everyday is pretty much the same for me.
    Grocery shopping, yeah I like it. Nothing like having a fridge full of yummy goodness.

  2. I have become a Sunday long run person, but it meant finding a church service in the evening, or occasionally on Saturday night. I find that if I give Saturday to the week, then I can have Sunday for myself, sort of like you do. I enjoy “getting stuff done” on Saturday, but I couldn’t face the week without my Sunday morning run!

  3. Hard choice! During the fall and winter, I’d definitely say Sundays (football) but Sundays also mean going back to work and that feeling of dread that you never really shake from back when you were a kid getting ready for school the next day. This training cycle my long runs have been on Sundays but I think I prefer Saturdays because it gives me Saturday night to eat/drink/be merry and Sunday to just totally rest.

    1. I do wish for those Saturday nights. Like tonight, I really wanted sushi, but have heard long run horror stories about sushi. I’d like to enjoy both my run and sushi for a long time to come.

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