Three on Thursday: Say Goodbye to August

Three on Thursday is back, once again. As a reminder the point is to focus on 3 things that make you happy, 3 areas of focus, and 3 accomplishments for the week. The goal is to stop thinking about what’s going wrong, what’s not working, and all those other negative things we do at times, and focus on the GOOD, the GREAT, and the AWESOME.

Three things that Make me Happy
1) I have some new employees. They’ve been with the company since the summer, but they’ve asked me to take on a group of early career professionals that are going through a year long training program before they get placed into a full-time role. I adore mentoring high-potential individuals. Its like having my own little ducklings to raise.

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2) My living room coming together with the delivery of my new couch last weekend. So close, folks, this apartment is so close to being ready for other people to see, and even visit.

3) Grapefruit. I recently rediscovered grapefruit, and I forgot how much I love it. Delicious.

Three Area of Focus
1) Getting to bed on time, and actually going to sleep. I’m breaking this rule right now writing this post, but still, must be better about this.
2) Getting my butt out of bed and my workouts in early. There are too many excuses that can come up during the day, and the best way to not have to deal with that is to get it out of the way.
3) Prepping my food. I’ve never really been a weekly food prep kind of person, but at least the day before, and have gotten out of that habit. I need to start spending my Sundays preparing for a week of tasty, healthy options that are ready to go.

Three Accomplishments
1) I was unhappy with some purchases I made, and rather than just being unhappy, I reached out to the companies. I’m now working to get the issues dealt with. Score.
2) I got my niece’s birthday present to her on time. I’ve been known to be a month or two late, so this is a big deal. Thanks to my sister-in-law for being an over sharer on Facebook.
3) I signed up for another thing on the personal side of life (the one from last week you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out): I signed up for I realized that with training, and work getting busier, all these amazing ways I was going to do to get myself out there was not going to happen, so I did it. This will be the one and only time I will mention it, although an entirely new blog persona may be necessary given some of the interactions I’ve had online thus far. Ask Karen, I regretted my decision for most of the week.

Yay, this week feels better looking back on it than it did actually happening. I love it.

Your turn:
Something that makes you happy
An area of focus
An accomplishment

And for fun, any online dating words of wisdom? Heck, its been 5 years, any general dating words of wisdom?

4 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: Say Goodbye to August

  1. Yay for Sunday food prep! I love it (well not so much when I’m doing it) but it makes a big difference in our week.
    I wish I could run first thing in the morning but I can never bring myself to do it. By 8am I am swarmed with five year olds and I’ve come to love the quite time I have in the morning before school. It’s tough, I have a lot of time to make excuses…case and point…yesterday (and it wasn’t even a full school day!).
    Something that makes me happy- my mom because she will always be my favorite shopping partner :p
    Area of focus- getting back into the groove with school starting…
    An Accomplishment- I was asked to be in charge of something at work and I take that as a compliment! This is my third year at my job and I love taking on more responsibility

    1. Those are all great! You should take more responsibility as a huge compliment!

      I’m excited about Sunday food prep. I actually do love it, because I’m a planner and organizer by nature, and I love to cook. Just need to focus on it.

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