I had no intention to post today, but since my yoga class earlier I can’t stop thinking about what I would write, so decided to do a quick one.

Before class the instructor and I were talking about how this was my weekend of cleansing. Finishing what’s left of organizing and unpacking in my apartment, starting the Fall Shred & accompanying clean eating plan, and yoga was the perfect way to really kick this off.

If you’re a regular yogi, you know most classes start with breathing and setting your intention for the class. Today I set my intention to Focus. We were outside, under a tree, and a music festival was just beginning a few blocks away, so focus seemed perfect.

As I walked home, I started thinking about focus, and how I’m a classic person who is constantly doing a millions things at one time rather than focusing on one thing, finishing it and moving on. With my normal streets shut down, I could more easily look around and wander around streets I run several times a week and I noticed this in the middle of a cross-walk:


It made me think a little more about cleansing and focus, and I decided to set my intention for the weekend: Every.

A word that seems silly because its not really anything, but it can mean so many things.

* Use every minute
* Everything with focus
* Get every box unpacked
* Every meal is fuel
* Every mile counts

Seriously, I could do this all day, and so, this is my weekend of Every.

Have you ever done yoga outside?
What is your intention for your weekend?
What’s something funny you’ve seen on the road?

12 thoughts on “Every…

  1. oh I like this! Good luck! I also need to finish getting unpacked and put up decorations and things like that. We still have girls moving into the house over the next week, so not everything will be done this weekend, but I can at least get my room situated. I like the idea of every. and focus.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I love how this word was presented to you while you we’re in a mental place to accept it! Very odd to see a word just sitting there on the ground (and in such a lovely font!). It must have been meant to be. I really like how you’ve interpreted it. It’s so important to count EVERY blessing each day and it’s hard to remember some times. But your post has put it back to front of my mind πŸ™‚

    1. It really was the world talking to me. Although Philly, in general has a ton of things in the roads. I’ve seen robots, manifestos, but this one was new, and perfect.

  3. I’ve never done yoga outside, would love to, esp on the beach.
    My intention for the weekend is to get gardening done, infact I’m going to go out there now and start.
    I haven’t seen anything fun or strange on the road lately 😦
    But I do like the word every.
    Every day you will have an every moment. Enjoy.

  4. When you posted this photo on instagram, it totally changed my day. The first sentence that popped up for me was “Love every moment” and I definitely wasn’t doing that so I decided to go for a run and focus on loving life, right here and now.

    Thank you so much for this. And have a wonderful weekend! ❀

    1. I am so happy it gave you something you didn’t even know you needed πŸ™‚ I love when little things pop into your world and change you for the good!

      Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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