Checking out of Activity August and into Strong September

I’m going to be honest, I had forgotten if I’d even set August goals. Clearly, not a good thing. But I do feel like I lived Activity August well, partially because living in the city, I now walk almost everywhere.

Checking in on my August goals, its obvious I forgot I’d done them:
August Yoga Challenge: Only hit 15/30. Not ideal.

Hit all of my training miles: I missed a few runs. Moving was far mor intense and stressful than I expected and getting settled became my priority.

Get in cross-training: I think I did 1 strength workout this month. Totally unacceptable!

Stick to healthy food choices: I actually did okay here, probably a few more cheat days than I should have, but all together, not terrible.

Get out in the community: I didn’t hit my 1/week goal, but I did get out, and set myself up for more.

And finally, get settled: I am so close! Today the last boxes will be unpacked and the final items organized and put away. I’ll still need to get art up, and get rid of my old couch which is eating up half my living room, but its finally feeling like home.

But now it’s September

Get Strong – For serious this time (and yes I purposely used terrible grammar here). As I mentioned last week, today I start the In Her Shoes Summer Shred Fall Edition today. The concept: intense workouts and a focus on clean eating to fuel your body.

Be Present – I’ve always had a tendency to want to multi-task, and fully believed I was the one person in the world who could really be more efficient that way. Untrue. I need to refocus on what’s important in each moment, and leave everything else until its moment. This will mean way less Twitter and Blog action from me, but its also back to school season, so I feel like this is happening a lot this week.

Work Hard – With Fall Shred, and 2 half marathons in the next 9 weeks, I need to give everything my body has to reach some larger goals: lose inches and break a 2:30 half. It will be tough, but with the change in seasons, I feel like I’m ready to do it.

Image from

Have Fun</strong – It is so easy to forget this one when you're so focused on training. I'm excited to get out even more, and have fun exploring the area more. Whether its group runs, yoga classes, or happy hours, I need to make fun its own priority.

Not much more fun than being serenaded by a dozen men in costume on you’re birthday!

So Strong September, lets do this!

What’s your biggest goal in September?
Will you pull back your Twitter and Blog presence now that summer is over?
What’s your favorite fun thing to do?

9 thoughts on “Checking out of Activity August and into Strong September

  1. September is going to be great! We have a lot of fun things planned for the next two weekends and then before you know it, September is halfway over! I’m with you on making September strong (insert graphic of a flexing arm here).
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. I know! I’m so excited for a great start to the Fall.

      And we now have 2 pics we need to get:
      – us after running up the Rocky steps
      – a good bicep shot for you 🙂

    1. I figure I could lie and say I did them, but as my teachers always said about studying, its not going to help you when you take your test. And, being honest might help someone else say “hey, she didn’t hit them all and is trying it again, maybe I should too!”.

      And no, no card :/ When did you send it?

  2. Great goals! I have no doubts with your determination you will meet your goal for your races 🙂

    My main goal for September is to focus on my training plan and stop making excuses. Being out of a routine has made it easy for me to make excuses like “I stayed up too late last night” or “I don’t feel like running outside” but I need to quit it if I want to PR on my half in three weeks!

  3. My biggest goal this Sept. is to get back on track with food and exercise. I’ve slacked for so long and I’m tired of it. I want to be healthy and lean again. Working on a plan for Sept. with everything written out for the month, not just a few days in advance. Hoping knowing what each day brings beforehand keeps me on track.

    As to blog/twitter, I’ll be the same. Each season has their fun things that take time away, but I figure if you keep them consistent then you can fit everything you want in. Honestly, this summer I was slack on both, so I can’t go anywhere but up this fall. LOL!

    My favorite thing to do? Read. LOL! And I slacked in August! Only 3 books. Need to get back to it! I know that sounds weird, but honestly, I love to read and it helps me relax. I need my books to keep me sane. I don’t have a goal for Sept., but I’d like more than 3, which is totally doable!

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