Three on Thursday: Green is Good

Three on Thursday is back, for a THIRD time. As a reminder the point is to focus on 3 things that make you happy, 3 areas of focus, and 3 accomplishments for the week. The goal, for me, is to remember the wonderful things in my life, prioritize my areas of focus, and remind myself of things that have been accomplished.

Three things that Make me Happy
1) My allergist is trying allergy immunotherapy shots on me again. If you’re unfamiliar, they find out what you’re allergic to, then create a mixture of all those things, and shoot it into you. They start with a low dose, and gradually increase it, so over time, your body stops reacting to it. The last time these were tried on me, I went into anaphylaxis 3 weeks in a row. Today: no reaction!!!! Hurray. An end to stuffy head, watery eyes, and runny nose is in my future 😊

2) I’m on day 4 of the In Her Shoes Summer Shred Fall Edition, and feeling awesome. By awesome, I mean I’m sore all over, so sneezing is horrifically painful because my obliques are on fire. But I’m loving the workouts, the awesome group of women also doing it (shout out to Kristin over at and the food is delicious. You cannot go wrong with anything that encourages you to eat avocado. I even ate my first kale this week, and it was pretty delicious. Hence the Green is Good!

3) My new apartment building has a nice new gym, with its own studio space. While its not unpacked yet, its my perfect workout space all to myself. I bring my workouts, my iPad, water, and am set with weights, jump ropes, mats, and medicine balls.

Three Area of Focus
1) Still need to work on getting to bed on time. I’m good a few days a week, but the lack of sleep is killing me. Must fix this!
2) Getting my butt out of bed and my workouts in early. There are too many excuses that can come up during the day, and the best way to not have to deal with that is to get it out of the way.
3) Continuing to hit my mileage, hard. I’m actually feeling rally strong for Rock n’ Roll Philly in 10 days, but need to keep it going because I’m also in marathon training. If you’re in the Philly area, Karen and I would love to have some cheerleaders along the course.

Three Accomplishments
1) I planned out my meals this week, and stuck to them! Next week will be tougher due to work travel starting on Sunday evening, but I will make it a priority next weekend.

2) I got my last box unpacked in my apartment. I still have piles of stuff to deal with, but the boxes are emptied and discarded.
3) I had a great long run with Karen last weekend in the rain. We’d both had a rough August with training, so took the mileage back a little, and I felt great! No aches or pains, well hydrated, and well fueled.

Another week down! This year is flying by, and quite honestly, I’m okay with it.

Your turn:
Something that makes you happy
An area of focus
An accomplishment

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2 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: Green is Good

  1. I loved living in an apartment and having my own personal gym. I was always way more comfortable doing weird, crazy workouts! Plus, you can have your iPad and use the Timer app and no one is there staring at you wondering what you’re doing haha.

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