Fall Shred Week 1: “You’re… Even Brighter Lately”

If you remember from my posts over the last week, or follow me on any social media, you know I started Bobbi McCormick’s Summer Shred Fall Edition on Monday.


The last 5 days have been crazy, and awesome. I have been sore in parts of my body I forgot existed, I’m looking at you obliques.

Image from askthetrainer.com

I’ve been able to keep my mileage up, as well, even if I’m a little more sore before and after, but I’m working my body hard, a little discomfort is necessary. And yes, it’s just muscle soreness, not actual pain.

The meals have been awesome! I love not having to think about shopping because I have a pre-built shopping list, and then prepping on Sunday made my meal choices easy. Granted, I didn’t always eat exactly what I’d planned, but I’m eating clean and staying fueled.

Upside down chicken & rice bowl with avocado, greens, and honey mustard. Sprinkled with my favorite new meal topper: True Lemon, which is dehydrated lemon juice, so its like topping it with salt, but adds a nice lemon kick instead

Although I’m ready for bed when its time because my body is tired from working hard, I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in a while. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. A colleague said to me yesterday that my “usually bright energy seems even brighter lately”. Now, I’m often that woman in the office who is way to peppy, chatty, and just generally happy. So that comment made me excited. I love being seen as a bright happy person, it may not motivate everyone, but I think it can’t hurt.

On top of that, I’ve already lost 2.5 pounds and I can already see my arms starting to regain their shape (ok, this one might just be the fact that I’m looking at them more), but seriously, I’m loving this program. Can’t wait for what I’ll see, feel and learn in Week 2!

Have you ever done an all encompassing program like this? What was your experience?
If you haven’t would you want to?
What’s the best compliment you got this week?

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