Batting 1000

Before you get too excited, I did not get picked up by the Phillies. Although, they did like my stance, they were concerned that I have not, at any time in my short softball career, come close to batting 1000.


I am, however, on the verge of a big milestone, and just hit another one:
– I reached 1000 followers on Twitter
– I am 5 followers away from 100 here on my blog


I know, Taylor, I know. I’m surprised too!

It what does any of this matter to you, you ask?

One word: Giveaway

When I reach 100 blog followers, and keep 1000 followers on Twitter, I’m doing a Giveaway.

What kind of giveaway, you ask?

I’m going to give away my bag of tricks. The things that keep me running that may not be part of your bag of tricks. More detail when I hit that milestone, but until then, start sharing, my friends! Get those blog followers up, and I’ll kick off the giveaway!

What was your big blog or twitter milestone?
Are you as surprised as I am that people read what you have to say?
Do you have any hilarious pictures of yourself “playing” sports?

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