Three on Thursday: Do more of what makes you happy

It’s time for another Three on Thursday, alresdy?! This week reminded me that prioritization in life is critical, but really hard.

Three Things that make Me Happy
1) After months of focus and training, and with BIG motivation from Karen, I finally beat my half-marathon PR. That PR had been in place since my very first half nearly 5 years ago, and not just finishing faster, but by more than 5 minutes.

2) Fall weather has started to arrive. Yesterday on my walk to a breakfast meeting, it was in the low 50’s and I was so excited to be able to wrap up in a scarf when I left the house.

Paused in Sister Cities Park to get a good view of the Autumnal amazingness

3) I stayed quite strong during the last few days of taper and after finishing my race and didn’t go nuts with unhealthy food. This is huge for me. Race day is a celebration, which historically means eat all the amazing and unhealthy foods you can eat. I probably over thought everything, which impacted my total recovery, but I’m proud that I stayed pretty strong.

Three Areas of Focus
1) Prioritization & Trade-Offs. I feel like this is on my list every week, but last night I made a big breakthrough and it hit me: doing something I think I should be doing doesn’t matter if its not something I want to do, or won’t move me closer to a goal that I have. This isn’t about being totally selfish and looking at personal ROI for my time, but in its truest form is focusing on things that make me happy.

Image from Pinterest

2) Recommit to training. I have just over 5 weeks till my next half, and while its no longer a goal race, I still want to be able to enjoy it, not suffer through it. I also need to refocus on the In Her Shoes Fall Shred program. I learned during Sunday’s race that I can push harder than I think I can, and pushing hard in training, means I can push hard in life.

3) Finish organizing my apartment. There are piles of stuff that still need homes, or to be donated, and I can’t feel at peace in my home until things are in their places. This weekend is a good opportunity to get to it.

Three Accomplishments
1) I had some big work accomplishments last week, and for the amount of sleep I lost going into race weekend, it was great.

2) I listened to my body and gave myself time to rest and recover when I was feeling really run down after my race. I realized I was fighting a bug, and couldn’t afford to let it fully take me down, so I took a little time to relax, renew, and heal.

3) I’ve been really enjoying smoothies with spinach. Like really enjoying them! This is a big deal for me.

My tropical smoothie supplies last weekend

Your turn:
Tell me what makes you happy, area of focus and accomplishment for the week!

8 thoughts on “Three on Thursday: Do more of what makes you happy

  1. I am happy to being able to go out & enjoy the outdoors anytime without worrying about sweating buckets. Love to take walks, bike rides, rollerblading, running & football.

    With my third half learning that I can actually run faster than what I am doing presently. Want to try & push things just a little faster. Want to actually get out & walk more either & lunch or in the evenings to get a little extra workout in while the weather is perfect.

    Got a PR on my third half last week in Western Iowa last weekend. 1:29:57. Very excited.

    Good luck to you on your next race, try to finish :01 faster than this last one!

  2. Sunday is the first day of fall and I already have my box of fall candels, decorations (yes, don’t judge) and flannel sheets (again, don’t judge) ready to go!
    I love green smoothies too! I need to make more, I was thinking about trying kale instead of spinach but am a little hesitant.
    5 more weeks until our/your next half?! It seems so close! πŸ™‚

    1. I will never judge for fall festivities. I will probably get flannel sheets again this winter. I’m realizing how cool it can get in my apartment with so many windows.

      And I know! Its so crazy close. What was I thinking πŸ™‚

    1. Yay Emma! I’m so glad you’re letting yourself recover. Between your training and teaching so many classes, I’m sure your body could use the rest.

      Another 5 minutes? You are crazy πŸ˜‰

  3. jenereesa

    Honestly, I’m so happy that my leg is feeling better! So much better. This has been a rough week.

    AND I LOVE FALL TOO! I wish I could have been there to watch you guys PR!!! So happy for you. πŸ™‚

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